Steve Sailer Vs. Chris Rufo In TakiMag: "America's Untouchables"
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From my new column in Taki’s Magazine:

America’s Untouchables

Steve Sailer
September 06, 2023

In this decade, America’s most effective conservative activist has likely been Chris Rufo, who in 2020 came up with a winning euphemism for all the racist antiwhite hate suffusing our schools, streets, and screens during the racial reckoning: “Critical Race Theory,” Rufo called it.

Personally, I just refer to racist antiwhite hate as “racist antiwhite hate.” But my term is far too self-explanatory to ever catch on. In the 21st century, Americans prefer opaque neologisms like “jump the shark” or “motte and bailey,” which require lectures on Happy Days trivia or feudal fortifications to understand.

“Critical Race Theory” has the advantage of being incomprehensible to those who haven’t been briefed.

Moreover, conservative whites remain extremely reluctant to notice how much of the animus directed at whites these days is driven by simple lowbrow hate and greed.

Instead, conservatives tend to assume that their opposition must have a highly intellectual ideological backstory, ideally involving something that Adorno said to Gramsci and Marcuse in the New School for Social Research cafeteria in 1946. After all, if not for the Cultural Marxism of the Frankfurt School in the 1940s, it would never have dawned on the black people on various reparations commissions in the 2020s to demand seven figures be deposited in their personal bank accounts. It could only be Marxism that makes African Americans want whites’ money.

What else could it be?

Rufo has now written an essay for City Journal entitled “No to the Politics of ‘Whiteness’: The case against right-wing racialism.” He has a demonstrated track record of political acuity, so it’s worth listening to his opinion:

Read the whole thing there.

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