Sunday Talk Shows: No Amnesty Discussion, Patriots Totally Excluded
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Got to keep it from the Peasants...

A huge week in Immigration news, with the Senate Democrats demonstrating dogmatic determination to prevent any border tightening in exchange for their Amnesty, the devastating Heritage study released, the subsequent effort to Mau Mau it, and of course more Senate hearings scheduled next week has resulted in…a total blackout on the subject by the MSM Sunday Talk Shows.

Last week nothing was scheduled but at least ex Senator DeMint got to mumble a few words. This week according to Politico’s Sunday talk show tip sheet no known Immigration Patriot is scheduled to appear, and as usual there is no designated discussion period for the subject.

There is a kind of exception: Senator Leahy is going to appear on Univision’s Spanish language show Al Punto.

In 2013 in America Amnesty can be discussed in Spanish but not English.

This Blackout is no accident, Comrades. The forces which brought us the Paul/Foreign Policy Debate atrocity still rule.


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