Texas Sues Traitor Joe Over Border Treason CBP One Mobile App
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Texas has sued the Biden Regime to stop it from importing Great Replacement illegal aliens “legally” through the mobile asylum application sponsored by U.S. Customs and Border Protection [Texas AG Paxton slaps Biden admin with lawsuit over use of CBP One app: ‘Pre-approving more foreign aliens,’ by Adam Shaw, Fox News, May 23, 2023]. So yet again, Texas is waging lawfare to stop Biden’s border treason, just as Treason Lobbyists waged it to stop POTUS 45 Donald Trump’s border wall and other border-protection measures.

Citing the damage the regime and its pro-invasion policies have done to Texas, along with the myriad laws Biden is breaking by not detaining and not deporting—and in fact bringing in and harboring illegals—the lawsuit states the obvious. The Biden Regime is illegally inviting a mass invasion with CBP’s One mobile app. 

The app permits illegals to claim asylum before they land at the border. It puts a facade of legality on the Great Replacement illegal-alien invasion with which Traitor Joe and the Treason Lobby are dispossessing and replacing he Historic American Nation.


Defendants are encouraging aliens to illegally cross the border without establishing that they meet some exception from removal or have a legal basis to remain in the country. …

Should a migrant fail to qualify for asylum or other protection from removal, Defendants have abetted the aliens’ violation of federal law—and affirmatively invited them to do so. …

Defendants acknowledge that “a substantial proportion of migrants who cross the [southern] border ultimately are not found to have a valid asylum claim.”

Nothing in Title 8 authorizes either the Attorney General or the Secretary of Homeland Security to encourage and incentivize illegal immigration. 8 U.S.C. § 1103(g)(2). 59. Yet, the Final Rule acknowledges that illegal aliens “who lack documents appropriate for admission to the United States are encouraged and incentivized . . . to make an appointment using the CBP One app to present themselves at a POE for inspection.” 88 Fed. Reg. 31342 (emphasis added) … 

Secretary Mayorkas is proactively inviting and encouraging aliens to cross the border unlawfully. This is contrary to his statutory authority. …

Defendants lack statutory authority to encourage and incentivize aliens to cross the border without a legal basis to be in the United States.

There’s more… read the whole thing.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has led this fight. The lawfare is absolutely necessary to help stop the invasion. 

But also needed is an on-the-ground solution that defies federal authority over immigration. That’s why Governor Greg Abbott’s deployment of a Tactical Border Force to repel invading hordes was something of a milestone. So was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ deployment of state police, National Guardsman, and other personnel to help. 

The states are not constitutionally obliged to permit Biden, Garland, and Mayorkas, the unindicted Cuban-Jewish visa fraudster, to assist or nation-destroying invasion. Nor are they obliged to watch and permit it.

Resistance on all fronts must continue.


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