The Chinese ARE Coming (Illegally). And They Have Tremendous Incentives To Do So.
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Since I first noticed a specimen last September in THEY’RE COMING! One Billion-Plus Chinese “Economic Migrants” Now Know About The Darien Gap, a new genre of MSM journalism has established itself: sprawling human interest accounts about the suffering and hardships of the Chinese citizens participating in their rapidly accelerating immivasion of America.

Carefully sifted, these can provide useful insights into this potentially nation-killing development. None that I have seen ever consider what the effect on Americans will be.

Two more specimens have just appeared.

Why Chinese migrants cross US southern border in growing numbers [by Francine Kiefer, Christian Science Monitor, May 21, 2024], says:

In fiscal year 2021, Border Patrol encountered 330 mainland Chinese migrants between official ports of entry on the U.S. side of the border. In 2023, that number soared to 24,050. This year, encounters are on track to reach 60,000. 

(The US fiscal year runs to September 30. I dispute this estimate. But CSM’s graph illustrating this is startling.)

A great value of the CSM account is its demonstrating that the U.S. Asylum process is a sitting duck for readily supplied Chinese sob stories.

In fact, China is a dismal tyranny, with probably the most effective internet policing in the world.

…something smugglers can advertise to prospective clients … is the high rate of approval for Chinese asylum requests… As of April, U.S. immigration courts granted asylum to nearly 70% of Chinese migrant applicants, compared with 42% for all applicants. 

As usual, most interviewed by the CSM frankly said their reason for coming to America was economic: to make more money. But immigration lawyers swiftly fix that:

It’s not unusual for Chinese migrants to first cite economic opportunity as their reason for leaving, says Kim Luu-Ng, an immigration attorney in Greater Los Angeles… “Most people have no idea that they have a case, because they view persecution as normalcy,”

A good example of the eager credulity of the immigration courts:

U.S. immigration judges have found childbearing restrictions a reason to grant asylum, but China ended that policy in 2016.

As is often the case with foreign MSM accounts, Why so many middle-class Chinese migrants take risky, illegal route to U.S., by Marrian Zhou, NikkeiAsia, May 22, 2024 reveals sensitive information a U.S. editor would probably have repressed.

Structurally similar to the CSM story, with the usual human interest details, the Nikkei account nevertheless quotes Victor Shih, a specialist in Chinese economic policy at the University of California, San Diego, saying of the immivasion:

“I think a lot of it has to do with public policy in China. China has a social safety net, but it’s extremely minimal. ... If you’re brought into a health catastrophe or employment catastrophe, there’s really little government resources to help you.“

and follows with:

The lack of a social safety net is a worry echoed by many Chinese immigrants Nikkei spoke to.

adding surprisingly (to me anyway):

“The total size of the official Chinese budget is a small share of its GDP compared to most developed countries,“ Shih said. “But…even within that allocation, the Chinese government puts much higher priorities on other things besides social welfare, such as national security and internal stability.“

Both stories emphasize that many of the immivaders often have family ties in America. They probably know more about what they can claim than most Americans.

Another insight:

Wang… learned that migrant children could go to public school in the U.S. for free. Wang then sold his house and cars, packed all of his family’s savings and left.

Happy ending (except for the American taxpayer).

On a Sunny Saturday morning in April, many recently arrived Chinese gathered at a small plaza in Monterey Park, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Wang, now settled into his new life, had organized a volunteer event for Chinese migrants... Many said their kids started attending public school for free just as they had hoped. 

Education is not free in China. So here we learn that American welfare and education munificence is directly attracting immigration.

For this state of affairs America can thank the evil Justice William J. Brennan, who in 1982 convinced the Supreme Court in the 5-4 Plyer v Doe decision to invent the right for illegal immigrant children to receive free public education. As Nathaniel Parker wrote for us in Plyler vs. Doe: The Solution

Even Justice Brennan admitted “public education is not a ’right’ granted to individuals by the Constitution.“

But by tortured sophistry he managed to legislate this for the children of illegals anyway.

(Interestingly, only the great Senator Joe McCarthy voted against Brennan’s 1957 confirmation, one of his last votes.)

Anyone reading these stories can see the mechanisms are in place for an enormous acceleration of this flow.

As I concluded in Chinese Problems + No Borders = American Obliteration. WATCH’s Great Videos!

we at, taking the longer view, are alarmed at the future demographic implications. Unless restrained, this influx could rapidly dwarf what has happened so far, astonishing though it may be to say that.

They have the means. And as these pieces underline, they have the incentive. Chinese immigration is likely to become an existential threat to America almost overnight.

Where is GOP?




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