The Loony Left's Tea Party Conspiracy Theory
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There is no better illustration of the intellectual bankruptcy within the loony left than is use of conspiracy theories to explain the obvious.

We see this regularly with immigration policy in America. The simple explanation as to why the general public wants immigration policy changed is that we have seen the abuse that take place. Watching Americans getting fired and replaced in their own country by lower paid foreign workers is sufficient motivation to stand up and say the system is wrong.

The lunatic left has another explanation for public concern over immigration. Resentment over current policy is fueled by one John Tanton and we are all his puppets. A conspiracy theory replaces common sense.

Right now the Tea Party is driving the lunatic left crazy.

The existence of the Tea Party is easy to explain. Republican George Bush was an unmitigated disaster as president. Dennis Hastert was nearly as bad as Speaker of the House. President Bush and Speaker Hastert combined to give America an explosion in government spending, a massive expansion of Federal government power and unjustifiable wars.

The public responded to the Republican mismanagement by putting Democrats in charge in 2010.

The change the public got with Obama/Pelosi/Reed is:

  • A Congress that is in paralysis–where’s the budget?
  • A Health Care Reform bill that was supposed to cut costs but will never do so–see where my medical insurance premium goes to next month
  • A trillion-dollar spending orgy called a ”stimulus” that has not simulated anything other than lobbying and whose main purpose was to save Goldman Sachs from collapse

Meanwhile many Americans cannot find work.

When it comes to dealing with such a real issue facing the American people, President Obama denounces the offshoring of jobs from America. Yet President Obama works with offshoring companies to train people in foreign countries to move jobs overseas.

Obama says one thing in public and does another behind the scenes. We call such people politicians.

The simple answer for the Tea Party is that recent events have demonstrated the problem in Washington is not whether we have Republicans or Democrats in charge. Both major parties have a "Go along to get along" attitude that has corrupted them to the core.

A major difference with the Tea Party from similar movements in the past (such as the Reform Party of 1992) is that it has adopted the Republican party as its focus of change. Clearly, the Tea Party is not entirely welcome within the Republican Party. This is the same Republican Party that is happy to give America Bush, McCain, Crist, Specter ...

While origins of the Tea Party are simple, the loony left sees conspiracy. George Monbiot, writing in the U.K. Guardian finds:

[The Tea Party purports to be a spontaneous uprising of concerned citizens, but in reality it is founded and funded by elite interests.

Monbiot attributes the creation of the Tea Party to the Koch Brothers.

Meanwhile, the bonus gravy train still runs at Goldman Sachs. The economic stimulus has been successful.

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