The Ordeal Of Immigration In Massachusetts
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I’ve been telling you for weeks about the dire effects of our open-border policy on New York City and Chicago. Well, here’s a story from Massachusetts.

This is from a Borderhawk Blog article by John Thompson, Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform. Article title: Massachusetts Collapsing Under Weight of Unbridled Illegal Immigration [September 5, 2023].

Sample quote:

As illegal immigration surged between 1990 and 2007, it remained modest in Massachusetts. When the housing bubble burst in 2007, illegal workers began leaving states with high concentrations like California, Florida, and Arizona and moving to states like Massachusetts where the unlawful resident population, which was fewer than 100,000 in 2007, is now over 300,000—some five percent of the state’s population.

Thompson gives an account of the consequences, with links to supporting data.

  • Direct cash social benefits going to illegals? Check. He estimates $7,400 annually per illegal.

  • Driver’s licenses and in-state tuition for illegals? Check.

  • Decline in labor force quality? Check. ”About 30 percent of unlawful migrants have less than a high school education compared to 10 percent of all people in the state.”

  • Outflow of the productive workforce? Check. ”The erosion of the tax base will hamper the state’s ability to modernize its infrastructure.”

  • Impact on wages of lower-paid Americans? Check. ”In Massachusetts, the real wages of the lowest-paid 20 percent of workers have fallen by more than in any other state during the period of high immigration.”



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