Treason Watch: Biden Secretary Of Labor Demands More Immigration… And De Facto Cheap Labor
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Though GDP posted a moderate increase in the last quarter, some experts are predicting a recession in 2023 [Citi sees U.S. slipping into recession during the second half of 2023, by Jason Capul, Seeking Alpha, October 26, 2022]. That’s also a bit of a best case scenario, as an impending railway strike and/or a diesel shortage could bring the economy to screeching halt [A second railroad union votes down Biden’s tentative agreement, by Ximena Bustillo, NPR, October 26, 2022].

Americans are already suffering economically, in large part because our workers are being entirely displaced by foreign labor. Most Americans are already living just paycheck to paycheck, which means even one health problem or unexpected expense could spell doom [Living paycheck-to-paycheck has become the norm’: Inflation takes its toll on American finances as emergency funds run dry, by Quentin Fottrell, Marketwatch, October 28, 2022].

What’s the solution? The supposed representative of the workers, Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, wants more scabs, I mean, immigrants.

”One party is showing pictures of the border and meanwhile if you talk to businesses that support those congressional folks, they’re saying we need immigration reform,” Walsh said. ”Every place I’ve gone in the country and talked to every major business, every small business, every single one of them is saying we need immigration reform. We need comprehensive immigration reform. They want to create a pathway for citizenship into our country, and they want to create better pathways for visas in our country.”

[A ‘catastrophe’ is coming for the economy, but it’s not recession or inflation, says Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh, by Eric Rosenbaum, CNBC, October 25, 2022]

Leaving aside Secretary Walsh’s seemingly casual disregard for border security, what’s astonishing is that in this same interview he called for minimum wage increases and creating an environment “so you don’t have to work two and three jobs to support your family.” The whole point of mass immigration, especially illegal immigration, is that you can get around wage and labor laws. Even if you could somehow stop this, a loose labor market will allow businesses to pay the lowest wages possible, not something that people can raise a family on.

Republican Senate nominee Blake Masters has put the idea of single-income, middle class families at the center of his campaign [Making single income families possible again, by Ericka Anderson, World, November 5, 2021]. The Pima County Democratic Party’s Twitter account claimed that this was secretly “code” for “women should not work.” Nonetheless, he’s stuck to it, and his seemingly quixotic campaign is now a toss-up [The Mark Kelly vs. Blake Masters Senate Race in Arizona now a toss-up, polls say, by Ronald J. Hansen and Alison Steinbach, Arizona Republic, October 29, 2022]. 

Leaving aside progressive determination to project their own insanity onto other people, there’s a larger problem which is preventing them from making the connection between a tight labor market and higher wages. Progressives have so internalized anti-white orthodoxy as their guiding moral lodestar that anything which makes life worse for ordinary white families or hurts white voters is good in itself. Whether this is simply a natural outgrowth of the Managerial State, a hostile ruling class, or simply corporate greed opportunistically seizing on liberal rhetoric to reduce wages is an interesting debate, but ultimately irrelevant. The impact on Americans is what we should be concerned about.

The issue is not that wanting single-income families is “code” for “women should not work.” The issue is that women (or whatever parent will be the breadwinner) should not have to work to live in a decent community. America can no longer provide safe communities, functional schools, or basic infrastructure for most of the country. Legitimate rulers must be able to solve these problems. Affordable Family Formation is the way all these problems can be addressed in a single package.

That package must include an immigration moratorium. If it does not, all other reforms are meaningless. Labor is not magically exempt from the law of supply and demand. If the Biden Administration’s Secretary of Labor seriously believes you can achieve high wages along with unprecedented levels of immigration, he’s a liar, fool, traitor, or all three.

It’s not enough for candidates to talk about “inflation.” Those who want to change this country need to connect mass immigration to low wages and the high cost of living. It’s now become a cliché to say that a country with no borders is not a country at all. It should be added that even if there is perfect border security and all immigration becomes “legal,” it still won’t be a country worth living in. It will be a country of almost feudal elites and their helots, something far worse that what the Founders rebelled against.

Cheap labor kills nations and destroys families. If the Secretary of Labor can’t recognize this, his office should be abolished before he abolishes the historic American nation. 


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