U.S. Giving $8 Billion To South Africa For Green Power—How Much For The Big Guy?
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Last week, American Taxpayers were delighted to learn that besides further subsidizing the Ukrainian kleptocracy and an unprecedented influx of illegal aliens the Biden Administration has found another rathole down which to pour their money: Biden Commits $8 Billion To Replace Coal Plants With Green Power In South Africa, Republican Nation, December 15, 2022.

(They would have had to be pretty sharp-eyed to have spotted the news though. This was the only full account on Google News on the morning of the 22nd. The major MSM apparently suppressed the story.)

The state-owned Electricity Supply Commission (ESCOM) was possibly the Crown Jewel of Apartheid South Africa (1948-1994). Meticulous administration and ultra-professional management enabled a smooth capacity expansion of more than 10-fold to meet demand growth from the flourishing South African economy. ESCOM had an impeccable overseas credit rating.

As Republican Nation notes, this is now ancient history:

South Africa is suffering from pre-planned blackouts called “load shedding” because it lacks the capacity to keep the entire country on the grid at the same time. Some households go without power for up to six hours a day.

The need for load shedding has arisen because of badly maintained facilities and rampant corruption

South Africa’s media seems to be far more willing to criticize the Establishment than we are used to in America. Why Eskom is collapsing (Daily Investor, December 14, 2022) is blistering. Dirk Hermann of the Solidarity Trade Union is quoted saying:

…there are two main reasons for power outages:

  • Corruption and greed have seen criminals steal the power utility dry under the guise of black economic empowerment (BEE).
  • Race-based policies like affirmative action have destroyed institutional knowledge and skills at Eskom.

Black support is found:

Eskom board member and former Altron CEO Mteto Nyati warned that empowerment rules hamper Eskom’s performance…

He added that affirmative action is hampering Eskom’s ability to employ skilled people who can fix the company.

(Empowerment in the South African context is the practice of offering slices of business to members of the favored race, aka Blacks.)

Eskom generation executive Rhulani Mathebula said Eskom’s biggest problem is fraud and corruption.

The problems include people stealing coal and diesel, damaging plants to get maintenance contracts, and delivering the wrong spares and equipment.

Essentially, Escom and South Africa as a whole are traveling the same trajectory as American inner cities, as Paul Kersey laid out in “Learn, Whitey, Learn!”—Paul Kersey’s ESCAPE FROM DETROIT. The process just started about a generation later.

Most of the American Taxpayers’ $8 billion will get stolen. The only question is whether is stolen here or in South Africa.

So why does the Administration want to pour billions of Taxpayer dollars into this internationally notorious sink of corruption?

Time to subpoena Hunter Biden’s current laptop?




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