Unfounded Fears of Backlash Fly around the World
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It took only a few hours for the butcher of Virginia Tech to be identified as Korean immigrant Cho Seung-Hui for the squawks against a non-existent backlash to begin. The bodies of the victims are not even in the ground and the bleating is at full volume.

Yoo, a petite graduate student with long black hair, said she didn't know the gunman and none of her Korean friends had heard of him either.

"If he speaks Korean, we'd maybe know him, but none of us does," she said. She said her family in Seoul had called overnight, very concerned Yoo might be a target if there was a backlash against Asian students at Virginia Tech. [Asians fear backlash after Virginia Tech shooting, Reuters 4/17/07]

In Seoul, government officials were alarmed at what vengeful Americans might do.

South Korea's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday the government hoped the Virginia Tech shootings, allegedly carried out by a 23-year-old South Korean native, would not "stir up racial prejudice or confrontation." [Korea fears prejudice with shooting link, Associated Press 4/17/07]

As usual, there have been no reports of any behavior that could possibly be considered "backlash" against Koreans or Asians resulting from the mass murder.

Even so, after such a horrific immigrant crime, the ethnic group of the perp commonly issues pre-emptive statements condemning a backlash against them; these days such complaints are practically automatic. And this case is no exception.

Fear-of-backlash statements and reporting are a form of cultural intimidation, that if you even mention that the killer was an immigrant then you must be some sort of racist.

As a result, the important discussions about the inherent psychological strains of transcultural immigration never occur. The media chatter constantly about how wonderful diversity is and ignore the stress of adjusting to a different society. Immigrants are expected to be happy and grateful, while many are not. Stress is cumulative, and when the difficulties of cultural adjustment are piled on top of the normal problems of young adulthood, some may explode. Just two months ago, a Bosnian teenager living in Salt Lake City killed five in a rampage in a shopping mall.

We do no one any favor by encouraging millions from vastly different cultures to move here. Excessive diversity often creates unhappiness and worse for everyone concerned. How many more innocent Americans have to die before multicultural immigration is recognized as being a monumental failure?

Kindness to the many victims of both legal and illegal immigrants requires that the bogus tactic of crying "Backlash" be ignored for a more realistic consideration of the failed ideology of multiculturalism and all that goes with it.


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