Upstate New York Democrats Conniving With Illegal Alien Rapist Invasion
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Another rapist has been arrested in the small upstate New York town of Cheektowaga after prominent local Democrat, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, openly worked with New York City Mayor Eric Adams to bring illegal aliens who are misidentified as “asylum seekers.”

Asylum seeking is not an immigration status, despite being inaccurately labeled so by every major Democrat from Joe Biden to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, to the Lying Press, to Poloncarz himself.

In fact, Poloncarz lied to the public when welcoming these illegal aliens, claiming that they were no threat.

“I have been advised by representatives of New York State that we will soon be joined by an as-yet unknown number of asylum-seekers, people who have been forced out of their own countries by authoritarian rulers or for other serious life-threatening reasons. These individuals are all legally in the country seeking asylum, have been vetted by federal authorities prior to arriving here and will be coming from New York City…

These people are not a threat to our community and are only looking for the opportunity to pursue their dream of living in a free, democratic society. Our country is a light to the world and they have followed that light here to Erie County and beyond.

Erie County has always been a welcoming community and will continue to be one for these asylum- seekers and others as they come here on their journey to a better life.

Poloncarz Statement On Asylum Seekers Coming To Erie County, Poloncarz Statement, Erie County Release, May 23, 2023

Illegal Alien Supporter Mark Poloncarz

The rabidly anti-White Poloncarz even takes a swipe at the Historic American Nation, White Americans, claiming that so-called “Native Americans,” the Indian tribes as described in the Constitution, did not come from somewhere, as if they sprung up out of the ground.

Unless we are Native Americans, our relatives all came to America from somewhere else, hoping to take part in the promise of America. That promise is alive and well in Erie County today.

In fact, Indians migrated to the Western Hemisphere well after the evolution of Homo sapiens sapiens and have no special claim to these lands. They are as much settlers and conquerors as those who have replaced them.

But back to to the problem, illegal aliens and their abettors. The Refugee-Industrial Complex is deeply involved with Poloncarz and the local Democrat Party. The two groups have been long working together to elect a new people.

For more than a decade, the Department of Social Services (“ECDSS”) has worked with the five area resettlement agencies to identify the best ways to house and accommodate asylum-seekers and refugees in our county. They have recently started a joint venture known as The Refugee Partnership, which is made up of Vive la Casa/Jericho Road Community Health Center, Catholic Charities, Jewish Family Services, Journey’s End Refugee Services, and the International Institute of Buffalo. ECDSS has fostered strong and productive relationships with each of these organizations over the years and, working together, the new Refugee Partnership project is ideally positioned to provide additional support, if needed.

It should be noted, over the past decade and more, approximately 12,000 refugees have moved into and through our area as part of the good work that the Refugee Partnership does, all without fanfare and without the ridiculous fears stoked by xenophobic and ill-informed community members. 

Clearly Poloncarz hates White Americans and wants them replaced. And he and other Democrats have been working hard to cover-up the criminal activity of the current batch of illegal alien rapists.

Two rapes have occurred since Poloncarz brought thousands of illegals to Erie County. A Venezuelan illegal alien who was released from custody by Secretary Mayorkas, Jesus Guzman-Bermudez, known as the Rat, raped a woman. Then another illegal alien raped another woman, this time an employee of the Refugee-Industrial Complex running the hotel complex housing the illegal aliens.

Following the second arrest of a migrant on sexual assault charges, Erie County has suspended any transportation of new migrants from New York City to area hotels.

Cheektowaga Police Chief Brian Gould announced Saturday the arrest of 22-year-old Kindu Jeancy of the Democratic Republic of Congo on a felony sexual abuse charge.

The arrest followed a complaint from a 27-year-old Buffalo woman who works at the Best Western on Dingens Street where the incident is alleged to have taken place.

After Second Arrest, No New Migrants To Be Sent From New York City To Erie County, unattributed, WBEN, August 12, 2023

Worse though, the local town where the incident occurred, Cheektowaga, appeared to be in on the bringing illegal aliens to the town. The Chief of Police of Cheektowaga, Brian Gould, even gave out orders to go easy on the illegal aliens.

And the victim was employed by Platinum Community Care, another contractor for the Refugee-Industrial Complex.

Here is Chief Gould’s press conference on the second rape, where he demanded a course correction on illegal aliens. But a close listening to his statement showed he was in on the dirty scheme to replace the white population of upstate New York with illegal aliens.

First, he let it slip that the illegal aliens would not get any special attention from the police and quality of life crimes like trespassing and public drunkenness would be overlooked.

Firstly, Chief Gould lies to the public, claiming that the subject is an “asylum seeker.” Of course, Chief Gould has no information if Kindu Jeancy, the black rapist, applied for asylum or not. And Chief Gould appears to think that everyone at the hotel in question, a Best Western, [Contact Best Western here for their explanation of their participation in what led up to the rapes.] is an asylum applicant. The truth is that few illegal aliens crossing under the Biden Amnesty have actually applied for asylum. Most illegal aliens being released never appear at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices or immigration court for their appointments. [Timestamp 3:23 on the video.]

At 4:20, Chief Gould identifies the primary contractor as DocGo, the party responsible for all aspects or the housing program, including safety and security. Apparently, an immediate problem arose with the illegal aliens, as Chief Gould inadvertently admits that the was in contact with unnamed New York City officials regarding “concerns” and “quality of life” issues, read here crimes like trespassing, public lewdness, drugs, and public drunkenness. Now, if there were no problems with the illegal aliens as claimed by Poloncarz, there would be no need to contact New York City police officials to deal with “quality of life issues” or unnamed “concerns” unless there was a real danger of crime, such as rape.

Chief Gould then has a has a slip of the tongue, inadvertently referring to the illegal aliens as “infecting our community” [4:58], but then claims the tracking and concerns were minor issues that he addressed with DocGo. It was just people on front lawns, everyone ignore their lying eyes.

But then we get a disguised confession from Chief Gould concerning special treatment for illegal aliens. He put out orders to ignore crimes by illegal aliens, to sweep any crime under the rug by contacting DocGo officials. Chief Gould hides this with claims that there is no bias or politically motivated policing by the Cheektowaga Police Department (CBP). [At 5:22]

This is the usual nonsense we get from politically appointed Chiefs of Police; usually the purpose is to stop arresting too many blacks, but in this case instructions were issued to the police officers to not arrest the illegal aliens involved in quality of life crimes; it was a “go easy on the illegals” order, and if not explicit, the word got around to officers quickly and was clearly used to encourage officers not to make arrests. And the results of the “go easy” orders were two rapes, as the illegals understood they could get away with minor crimes, then they though they could get away with major crimes as well. It is the opposite of Broken Windows policing.

At time stamp 5:45 in the video we get another admission against interest, if things get out of hand, Chief Gould will not order arrests, but he will bring the problems to the attention of his political superiors. This is a clear admission that lower level crimes quickly got out of control, as Chief Gould stated that officers were working hard on the illegal alien issue. [5:38] If the illegal aliens were not a serious criminal problem, why were officers working hard?

Then we get another admission, Chief Gould wants the hotel closed to illegal aliens because of the arrests, other unnamed “safety issues,” and “quality of life issues.” [6:17] Clearly this is not caused by the two rapes, but that crime by other illegal aliens at the Best Western was out of control, and not being addressed by the contractor, DocGo.

Then we get the bombshell, the contractors at the hotel are not reporting and are covering up other crimes by the illegal aliens. [At 6:58]

But it gets even worse, contractors were actively interfering with police investigations by hiding or coaching suspects. [At 7:04] Then Chief Gould criticizes the local security staff at the hotel, going on to say the it was “a very fluid” situation. When a Chief of Police says the situation is fluid, that means that his officers cannot handle the amount of crime that is happening.

Chief Gould is being politic, likely to keep from being fired, but it appears to an experienced law enforcement professional such as myself that Chief Gould told his political superiors, including County Executive Poloncarz, that crime by the illegal aliens was out of control.

Then Chief Gould asks that political leaders work with the contractors aiding the illegal aliens, as if those who brought the illegals to Cheektowaga cared about the community, or the contractors, including local illegal alien resettlement agencies like Jericho Road, cared about the local community. Both Poloncarz and the refugee agencies agree that America must be punished with immigrants.

Now, this covering up of crimes committed by illegal aliens, refugees, and asylees, is common in the Refugee-Industrial Complex. They just do not care about local communities. These groups just want to bring in aliens to punish White Americans for whatever imagined sins, such as colonialism and slavery, neither of which are sins according to the Bible.

In my law enforcement career, I have worked with government contractors dealing with disaster assistance fraud and immigration issues. Some, like the Red Cross, worked closely with the former Federal Emergency Management Agency Office of Inspector General (FEMA OIG) and the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General (DHS OIG) to investigate disaster fraud that affect both the Red Cross and the Federal government, as both have common fraud problems in disaster assistance programs.

Other disaster assistance non-profits, like the Salvation Army disaster teams, cooperate in the field, but whose more established central offices often refused to cooperate with investigations and have in the past in my experience coached those who committed disaster and Federal benefit fraud to not cooperate with investigations. As Christians, the Salvation Army should be either not say anything to fraudsters or tell them to do the Christian thing, which is to acknowledge one’s sins and crimes, rendering unto Caesar that which is owned to Caesar.

Contrast this with immigrant service organizations which would never assist with investigative requests or help, but then demand access and accommodation from the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).

Back to the rapists that County Executive Poloncarz invited to Erie County. Suddenly he is concerned about security and admits that DocGo actively interfered with the most recent rape investigation. [At 9:35] That is a sudden turn-around by Poloncarz who was likely previously helping DocGo and the other contractors cover-up the “quality of life” crimes that Chief Gould was so concerned about and that caused so much work for the CPD.

Sadly, instead of closing the hotels to illegal aliens on his own authority, Poloncarz asked that the illegal aliens be removed and he obtained some security theater, National Guardsmen assigned to door-shaking positions at the hotels; likely unarmed and untrained, with no clear assignment other than to watch the illegal aliens commit more “quality of life” crimes.

But the only real solution that the nation-busting White-hating Poloncarz demands is amnesty for the rapists he brought to Cheektowaga and Erie County.

Finally, Erie County, the town of Cheektowaga and the state cannot solve what is essentially a federal issue. The Biden Administration and the United States Congress must act on this and truly implement comprehensive immigration reform.”

[Poloncarz Statement Regarding Implementation Of Additional Security Measures And Call For Action Regarding NYC Asylum Program, Poloncarz Statement, Erie County Release, August 12, 2023]

Worse yet, Poloncarz then tries to claim he was not welcoming illegal aliens to hotels in Erie County, saying that the placement of illegal aliens at the Best Western in Cheektowaga was unknown to him and against his wishes. [At 10:55] Then he calls these illegal alien rapists “new Americans” while decrying the whole program as unsustainable! [At 11:30] And then he says all future illegal aliens rapist are welcome! [At 12:30]

Listening to Chief Gould, he appears to be doing all this under duress. I think he may have opposed this nonsense from the start behind closed doors, but he has a responsibility, if his opposition is true, to come forward and say he was against this and wanted to make arrests from the beginning. If he does not, we can then consider him part of the problem, and under President Ron DeSantis, hopefully he, as well as Executive Poloncarz and the owners and employees of the contractors involved will be prosecuted for aiding and abetting illegal aliens and for conspiracy to violate the rights of the American victims of illegal alien crime, violations of Title 18 United States Code Sections 241 Conspiracy Against Rights and Section 242, Deprivation Of Rights Under Color Of Law.

But for Poloncarz and the Refugee-Industrial Complex, there should be no mercy.

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