VDARE Book Club: The Conclusion Of MARLBOROUGH: HIS LIFE AND TIMES By Sir Winston Churchill
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If you are a member of the VDARE Book Club, you will soon be receiving the discussion questions for our concluding episode on Sir Winston Churchill’s four-volume history of his ancestor, the Duke of Marlborough. If you are not yet a member, I encourage you all to join by clicking here

We read history because certain things really don’t change. The competition for power, the depravity of human nature, the nobility people can find within themselves in the worst circumstances, and the shared national history that connects us to our ancestors are all with us today. Churchill’s biography of his forebear is one of the most powerful illustrations of these truths. Whatever his political successes or failures, there’s no denying his talents as a historian and his artistry with our beautiful English language. 

My conversation with Peter Brimelow will take place this week. Remember, only members of the Book Club will have access to the full discussion. I hope to hear from you all soon.

Members can download questions for the podcast here.

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