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Life at the Bottom [James Fulford- 03/29/05

I suppose many readers are familiar with the writings of Theodore Dalrymple. For one thing, I frequently link to Reader, She Married Him—Alas,  when we discuss forced marriage, or The Barbarians at the Gates of Paris, when discussing the horrifying effects of immigration on France. He's just published a new book, Our Culture, What's Left of It : The Mandarins and the Masses, which I haven't had a chance to read yet, but it provides an excuse for pointing out that you can read the whole of his previous book, Life At The Bottom, The Worldview that Makes the Underclass, on the internet for free.

This is because the book, widely praised when it came out, was a collection his articles in City Journal, and City Journal has all their archives posted on the internet, at no charge. I've arranged them as they're arranged in the table of contents in the actual book. I was originally reluctant to post this, on the theory that it might cost the author money, but I'm told by those who should know that this kind of thing can drive sales up, including, I hope, sales of Dalrymple's new book. So here it is, in all its depressing glory. Enjoy.

Life at the Bottom

Update: Oddly enough, the publisher, who doesn't seem to quite get this Interweb thing, (which is good for sales, sales of Dalrymple on Amazon went up) complained, and so we've removed the linked Table of Contents.

The articles still exist on City Journal, you'll just have to find them yourself.

"Rabidly Nationalistic" in Mexico [James Fulford- 03/29/05

In Mexico City, during a US- Mexico Soccer game, Mexican fans booed the U.S. national anthem, chanted "Osama, Osama", and a group of them who couldn't manage to set a US Flag on fire, had to settle for trampling on it.(I think the manufacturers of American flags are quietly fireproofing them.) [ U.S. still can't solve Azteca in qualifying loss, by Will Weissert, Associated Press]

A few points:

  • The Associated Press described the Mexican fans as "rabidly nationalistic." How come it takes a sports guy to use that kind of language about Mexican nationalism? Why can't the rest of the press figure that out?
  • The Mexicans aren't chanting "Osama, Osama", because they support radical Islam. They don't. It's just their way of saying "Death to America." See "rabidly nationalistic, "above.
  • The US team never beats the Mexicans at soccer. That's because America's great athletes are playing real sports.
  • Do you think those "rabidly nationalistic" guys when they emigrate, (illegally) will become patriots like the late Balint Vazsonyi, or Humberto Fontova? I doubt it. I think you'd be lucky if you got someone as patriotic as Norman Mineta.
  • Speaking of which, what do you think the chances are of those flag-tramplers heading north and taking the Oath of Allegiance someday? Pretty good, I'd' say. How about them keeping the Oath of Allegiance? Not so good..
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