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Linda Chavez Labors Under A Delusion [James Fulford] - 05/06/05

Linda Chavez's latest column (May 4, 2005) is called After the 'Minutemen', and says, in effect, that now that the Minutemen are gone, we can go back to opening the borders.

"Now, I know public opinion polls show that most Americans don't want more immigrants. Only 9 percent of Americans favor increasing immigration, according to one recent poll by Republican pollster Ed Goeas. But the vast majority of adult illegal aliens are gainfully employed—and not at below-minimum wage jobs either—which means that the American labor market easily absorbs them, and, in fact, has become dependent on them."

The fact that some industries may have become "dependent" on illegal labor is no excuse; the "willing employers" to use President Bush's phrase, who have replaced Americans with illegals, are costing the taxpayers money, in that they are paying people to come to America, and be poor there, which requires a huge taxpayer burden, even when they do qualify as "working poor."

But the employers' willingness to violate the law can't overrule the 91% of Americans who are against increased immigration. That's not how democracy works.

Rush Is Right, Sheila Jackson Lee is…legitimate? [Bryanna Bevens] - 05/06/05

If You Don't Secure The Border, You Don't Have a Country—Rush Limbaugh May 05, 2005

Wow!  If you weren't tuned in to the EIB yesterday, click the link above and read the transcripts from the Rush Limbaugh Show.

In a segment he calls the Illegal Alien Stack, Rush ranted for considerable time about a handful of illegal aliens who have recently made headlines. 

Each story was punctuated by remarks from Limbaugh such as

"The floodgates are open. If you're not going to close the borders to illegals, if you're not going to enforce the border, you don't have a country; you're not going to have a country. It's just that simple".

The best part of the segment (other than Rush dedicating increasingly more time to the issue) was an interview between Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and C-SPAN host Peter Slen. 

[Scroll to the end of the transcript to read.]

According to the zany Madam Lee who is sponsoring a bill that would grant amnesty to the trove of Haitian nationals who reside illegally in the U.S., illegal aliens need this adjustment of status so they can…yep, vote.

"Those who are here want to stay here, want to work here, and want to be legitimate citizens, and want to be able to vote legitimately."—Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee.

Hmm…she said "vote legitimately"—which speaks to her own awareness of some not-so-legitimate voting from the immigrant community.

I thought maybe the admission was accidental. What kind of Congressperson, with their oath to uphold the Constitution and all that, would advertise their refusal to enforce both immigration and election laws?

The answer is Sheila Jackson Lee and the entire mob of pro-immigration politicians who only see 10-20 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. as 10-20 million new voters.

Did I say new?  I meant newly legitimate.  

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