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An Immigration Scandal Forces Britain's Kerik Out, Too [James Fulford] - 12/15/04

David Blunkett, Britain's Home Secretary, (and thus head of law enforcement) has resigned over an immigration scandal. He turns out to have helped his lover's nanny get a visa, in an involved scandal. 

This, like the similar Kerik case, shows that politicians don't take illegal immigration seriously.

Blunkett, of course, for those who haven't been following it, is the man who's been pushing for the anti-"religious hate" laws—the kind of thing that caused the arrest of BNP head Nick Griffin yesterday.

Perhaps Britain will get a new Home Secretary who will concentrate less on abolishing free speech, and more on protecting Great Britain from invasion.

Surprise! Griffin Arrest Unreported By Big Media [James Fulford]- 12/15/04

Yesterday, I did a big roundup of news on the arrest of Nick Griffin on charges of "hate." Just as well—the Establishment media in the United States seems to be ignoring this extraordinary arrest of the leader of a democratic party for his political views.

Out of all the 128 articles on Google News, so far I've found two in the United States—one in the Washington Times, [ Arrest throws British hate laws into focus] and three paragraphs in the LA Times.

Nothing in the New York Times, top of the media food chain.

And nothing, needless to say, in National Review, once top of the conservative food chain.

Claremont's Fake Hate-Crime Prof Gets Year In Slammer [Brenda Walker] - 12/15/04

Remember Kerri Dunn? Sweet!

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