VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow On The Cancellation Of Our Colorado Conference
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On the night of Tuesday August 15, VDARE.com received an email from Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, Colorado cancelling our April 2018 conference. Attached were a copy of the credit card receipt for our refunded deposit—and a copy of a check for the very significant damages payment Cheyenne Mountain Lodge had to make to us for breaking its contract.

After forty years in financial journalism (The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Fortune, Forbes, MarketWatch), the cowardice and stupidity of corporate America are no surprise to me. But I would like to pay tribute to the professionalism and courtesy of the individual staff members at Cheyenne Mountain Lodge over the several months we worked together. I regret that their innocent belief they live in a free country has proved unfounded.

Cheyenne Mountain Resort’s cancellation is a further example of what President Trump has correctly called the Alt-Left: a conspiracy against the civil liberties of Americans by internet vigilantes (such as Media Matters, Southern Poverty Law Center), their allied troll army, a violent Communist gang (the so-called AntiFa), and complicit elected officials.  This has resulted in the extraordinary situation where policies that have won at the ballot box (a recent example: El Paso County CO, in which the city of Colorado Springs is located, voted overwhelmingly—56%-36%—for Trump and his party controls both branches of Congress) can no longer be discussed in public meetings.

Contrary to widely-repeated lies:

  • VDARE.com has never advocated violence or any form of illegality (unlike AntiFa). We focus entirely on providing facts and analysis with the aim of influencing public debate.

We believe the last election shows that this strategy has been working—which is why the Left’s Reign of Terror is intensifying.

  • VDARE.com had absolutely nothing to do with last Saturday’s Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA. We were not invited to speak, we did not attend, we did not even publicize the event beforehand.

There have been unscrupulous efforts to claim that because, early in the year, we published a few articles by a freelancer who subsequently helped organize the rally, we are somehow “linked” to it. But the DAILY CALLER also published articles by the same free-lancer. Is the DAILY CALLER “linked” to the rally?  We have writers who are Democrats. Does that mean we are “linked” to James Hodgkins’ shooting up the GOP Congressional baseball team?

  • VDARE.com is not a “white nationalist” site. We are a forum site, publishing writers of differing political persuasions, interests (and races) who agree only on one thing: that America’s post-1965 immigration policy has been a disaster.

We certainly do include a few writers who are explicitly concerned with the interests of whites. This may not be a point of view often seen in the Main Stream Media, but its emergence is inevitable as immigration policy pushes whites into minority status, and every bit as legitimate as Black Nationalism or La Raza.  Everyone should just get used to it.

  • VDARE.com has been arguing for immigration control since 1999, but its position is substantially the same as President Trump’s immigration policy paper released in August 2015. Trump’s stand on immigration was key to his victory in the subsequent primaries and in the general election. Thus our position can no longer be dismissed as extreme or even unusual. The citizens of Colorado cannot reasonably have been denied the opportunity to get to understand it better.

If President Trump wanted to speak in Colorado Springs, would he be denied a platform?

Of course, the answer is probably yes. A Totalitarian Left has emerged in America. It is above all desperate to suppress a debate on immigration policy—because it absolutely intends to Elect A New People (as per Bertolt Brecht). Cheyenne Mountain Resort, Mayor Suthers and much of the media are helping them to achieve their goal.

On a brighter note: each time a VDARE.com conference is cancelled, we see a great outpouring of support, new readers, donors etc. Thank you all.


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