VDARE.com Posting Full Transcript Of Trump Rally In Washington Township, Michigan...Because No One Else Is
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Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Washington Township, Michigan. The Regime Media is upset that Trump, like Al Gore, , John Kerry, Stacey Abrams, and of course Hillary Clinton continues to believe that he was the victim of unfair corrupt practices in the election that saw him leave office.

In an interview in which he repeated these points, he also mentioned that in the January 6 Mostly Peaceful Protests, he wanted to march with the protesters himself [Trump deflects blame for Jan. 6 silence, says he wanted to march to Capitol , by Josh Dawsey, The Washington Post, April 7, 2022].

You may think that means it's more obviously a Peaceful Protest, but Philip Bump says it's even more insurrectionary.

And if you think it's "all talk", remember that Trump did come out of the White House at the head of Federal agents to take back Lafayette Square from rioters when DC law enforcement was, in effect, siding with the rioters.

Not much is said about legal immigration, except "unvetted unscreened Afghan refugees" who are admitted legally. 

Reminder: this is an automatic, artificial intelligence transcript. You can compare with the video if it seems to make no sense.

Thank you. Wow, that's some crowd, we have thousands of people outside

Hello, Michigan, it's great to be with you to be with you, so nice. And we just came in, we have thousands  and thousands  of people outside and it's an honor. And I wish this building were about four or five times larger, but we love you and we put up a screen outside. And I hope they can see it. And it's not that cold. It's not that cold I went to South Carolina was the coldest night they have on record was 29 degrees. I said, That's cold. But we had great crowds in Georgia last week, and now here and all over the country. They love us and we love you. Thank you very much. And I'm thrilled to be back with you and your beautiful state with thousands  and thousands  of hard working proud American patriots. That's what you are you built our country. Seven months from now the people of Michigan are going to fire the Radical Left Democrats who are destroying our country. And you're gonna throw out Gretchen Whitmer, the job that she's done. And you're going to elect an incredible slate of proud America First Republicans up and down the ballot. And together we are going to end crazy Nancy Pelosi’s political career once and for all. The stakes of this year's midterm elections could not be higher.

 I don't think we've ever had a time in our country where we felt so low, so dejected. What's going on is absolutely unacceptable. We're living through the most dangerous period of our lifetime. And we have a president who is no idea what's going on. He has no idea what he's doing, and he's got no idea what he's saying or where he is. Other than that he's doing a fantastic job. The presidential election was rigged and stolen and because of that, our country is being destroyed. But while there may be nothing we can do to stop Joe Biden's mental and physical decline. With your vote this November, we can stop our country's decline and make America great again.

Everything the radical left touches turns into a catastrophic mess, the likes of which we have never seen before. To this extent, we have never seen anything like it before. Biden and the congressional Democrats triggered massive inflation. They declared war on American energy. And the middle class is now being crushed by the highest gas and food prices in the history of our country. Can you believe it? Bloodthirsty criminals and vicious thugs are running wild on the streets of our Democrat-run cities. Ambush style attacks on police officers along with police officer deaths have more than doubled in a single year. And violent carjackings are ravaging Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis and Milwaukee. And many other cities that are raised never before seen think of it.

Biden is appointing Far Left crazies to the federal bench and ordering them. And you know what's happening here with the Department of Justice. They're targeting parents, they're targeting you. They're targeting all of us, but they're targeting parents good, beautiful parents. They're being targeted.

 He's begging and pleading with Iran to reenter the disastrous nuclear deal that I terminated. That was a great termination. We would have had a deal had the election been different , by the way, we had some great election and you people delivered unfortunately the vote counters didn't deliver. We did win, we did win. And you know if we didn't I'd be the first one to stand up and say we didn't but we won by a lot. Not just a little bit One.

Biden delivered the single worst humiliation in American history with his surrender in Afghanistan. It was terrible. And now Biden's weakness has given us the Ukraine disaster. It's a horrible thing to watch. Biden is also now pleading with the Venezuelan dictator to sell us oil. Why do we need his oil for we have so much right under our own feet—more than any other country? We have liquid gold under our own feet, and we're dealing with Venezuela, a far cry from the Trump administration where we were energy independent for the first time in the history of our country. That was a year and a half ago seems like a long time ago, but we were energy independent. We were selling oil to other countries, we were making an absolute fortune. And you remember when not so long ago, a year and a half ago. $1.87 a gallon. Remember that.

And remember what I said during the debate and other times they said, You don't pick me you're going to be paying 7, 8,9 dollars. I said that and I said you're going to be trading in your big luxurious cars and trucks for little tiny cars. The choice this November is very simple. If you want high crime, high prices, high taxes, high corruption, and high incompetence vote for the radical Democrats. If you want a country that is strong, sovereign, solvent, safe, insecure, you must vote for America first Republicans have to do.

But of all the Biden catastrophes perhaps none is more dangerous or devastating. That is complete annihilation of America's borders. What's happening, what's happening. When I left office, we handed the new administration the most secure border in the history of our country. We never had a border so secure ever before. That includes drugs coming in. We never had anything like it. We had ended catch and release, we had stopped asylum fraud, and built nearly 500 miles of beautiful wall just like the Border Patrol on our border was sealed. Our border was sealed, we had the lowest numbers ever recorded. But then Biden in the open borders. These extremists these sick sick extremists systematically dismantle the border security measures we put into place and brought illegal aliens streaming across the southern border and numbers like we've never seen before. And the real numbers are even higher than those being reported. They're at a level that nobody's even thought possible. Just yesterday, the Biden administration terminated the critical Title 42 protection that I put into place to ensure expedited removals, with this foolhardy plan to end Title 42 Biden will be opening the floodgates to a far greater extent that even now, and we will be deluged by illegal immigration, like no country has ever witnessed or had to endure an estimated half a million illegal aliens per month. And now it's probably even a million people per month are pouring into our country. And you have many, many of these people are criminals. This could be 12 million people a year. That's a big percentage of the people in our country itself. Not the 3 million that is commonly being reported. That's fake news by all those people. Look at all those people. Fake news. Yeah, it's fake news.

This could be 10 or 12 million people coming in a year. This is incredible what's happening and that getting rid of all of these, you know, remain in Mexico, you know about remain. I made a deal with Mexico. Remain in Mexico don't come here. He ended it. He wanted to end the deal. And now the courts are forcing him because they say we had a deal. So he's going with a much a much more somber deal. Not a good deal, and not a proper deal. And not a deal that's going to work remember is almost everyone said I was right about everything. And that's true. I was right about everything to the border. The military. And you were right to your right to when I'm right. You're right. Biden in the radical Democrats. are spending billions and billions of dollars trying to secure the borders of distant foreign countries, many of which you've never even heard of. But I believe Americans deserve a president who will secure our borders, the borders of our nation, who will protect our citizens who will defend our sovereignty, and who will stop the biggest invasion ever of our country and probably of any country. There's never been anything like we're being invaded. And that's the word we're being invaded by millions and millions of people. Many of them are criminals who should not be allowed into our country, we're going to be paying a price. And a very big one long into the future. You'll wait and see. Unfortunately, I'll be right about that one, too. And that includes the thousands  and 10s of thousands  of people we took in from Afghanistan, they rushed the planes. 3% of those people were entitled to come back 3% We have thousands  and thousands  of people, they rushed those planes and those planes took off with 28 people falling off the sides. Nobody's ever seen anything like it. These people don't know what they're doing. But our country is being systematically destroyed. It's being destroyed. Nothing like this has ever happened to another country. Even a third world country protects their borders, at least a little bit. And let there be no doubt. The Biden administration is resetting this, humongous wave of illegal aliens in communities like yours all across America. Congratulations. And demanding that you the American taxpayer pay the cost, just like they resettle, thousands  of unvetted unscreened Afghan refugees all over Michigan, you know that right?

Does anybody have a whole group of people that got resettled next to your beautiful little house or a big house or? Club? Yeah, their hands go up. Too many hands are going up. If any part of our country is going to be turned into a migrant camp, it should not be the communities of hardworking Americans. It should be the neighborhoods of the radical left politicians who have callously thrown open America's borders. Even as Biden has opened our borders to the largest number of illegal aliens in history, by far, he has handcuffed our great ICE agents. These are brave people. These are people that go Lola all over the country they go into, they call them nests, nests of killers.

And they go charging in and they take them out and they throw them the hell out of our country and bring them back where they came from. These are great people and they're scorned by the radical left to keeping your community safe. Alright agents and slashed. If you take a look at the deportations, they cut the hell out of it. They want to get rid of ice they want to get rid of border patrol. These are incredible patriots. These are people that are very brave. I see some very tough people on the front row. Not not one of those people want to be a nicety. None of them want to be that stuff. ISIS has been functionally abolished. To grant safe haven to savage gang members like MS-13and vicious criminals just as AOC plus three you know, AOC plus three is Rasheeda Talib,  Ilhan Omar, that's another beauty. They've always dreamed this is what they want. And just like they've destroyed Israel from within the halls of Congress that totally I mean, Israel has taken a hit like nobody no other country has taken. It used to be hands off Israel. 15 years ago today, Israel is scorned and mocked by these people like never before. They're looking to load up our country with murderers with drug dealers with human traffickers and thugs. And that's what's happening to the radical Democrats believe America should be a sanctuary for dangerous criminal aliens. Republicans believe our country should be a sanctuary for law abiding Americans and people that want to live the American dream whatever happened to the American dream. They want to destroy our country and they want to destroy the American dream. They don't want you to have the American dream. One of the first bills a Republican Congress will pass is to dramatically increase funding for ice and border patrol and law enforcement. So they can hire thousands  of new agents to find and remove every single illegal alien who's causing us unbelievable problems that unlawfully allowed and was allowed to come into our country, you could take the first and take it five to 12. But you could take the five worst presidents in American history, and probably a hell of a lot more than that, and put them together and they would not have done the damage that Joe Biden has done in our country in just 15 months. The damage is unbelievable, but not irreparable. Isn't it nice, I'm saying it's not irreparable, we can fix it. Otherwise, there's no reason for me to be here. We can fix it, we're gonna fix it. We're gonna fix it. What a shame. What a shame. Never been a period of time like this, as everyone is saying Russia's outrageous invasion of Ukraine, who would ever thought this was going to happen? I thought he was negotiating. He had 150,000 soldiers on the border. I said, Oh, he's gonna make a great deal. He could have made a great deal. I believe when he saw what happened in Afghanistan, the way we ran. And you know, when I was running that 18 months, we didn't have one soldier killed in 18 months. And you've heard me tell the story I spoke to I spoke to Abdul, they said Abdul. There's no more killing of our soldiers up to where you're going to be hit so hard, you're going to be hit harder than anybody's ever been here.

But why, but Why Your Excellency, do you send me a picture of my house? Abdul, you'll have to ask other people that question. But you know what? He never not one person was killed for 18 months. And Biden even said that he stood up, he said, Well, I have to say nobody was killed in 18 months, in which case the television cameras were turned off those cameras. They didn't like it when he said that. He didn't like it, but it's true. 18 months, and then we lost 13. But you know, they don't talk about how horribly so many of them were wounded with the legs and the arms and the face and everything else. But this invasion of Ukraine would never have happened. If I was in the White House, not even a chance would have never happened would have never happened. Not even. And I knew Putin very well, you know, they say oh, he knows Putin. He knows food. No, that's a good thing. Not a bad thing. I know Kim Jong Un, I know President Xi of China. And you know, we had no conflict. Remember, North Korea is going to be a nuclear war. According to Obama and everybody else, we're good. What happened didn't happen. Although I tell you he's getting. He's not happy. He doesn't like the person in office right now. But nothing happened. We kept you safe. We rebuilt our military at a level that nobody thought possible, despite giving away $85 billion of what we did brand new, beautiful stuff. And with Ukraine, you remember that I sent the Javelins and Obama sent the blankets, right? Those Javelins that are doing the trick. Then they say Trump's friendly to Russia, really? I'm the one that revealed. The pipeline notes slip to you never heard of the pipeline. Nobody diseased, crooked people back here. They're crooked as a $4. Bill gets a $2 bill because actually make $2 bill. He correct—that's a crooked bunch of people back there. They're corrupt. The press in this country is corrupt. They're corrupt, and they know it too. All you had to do is look at what the New York Times just announced recently. That's all you have to do fact I stand as the only president of the 21st century on who's watched Russia and Putin did not invade another country. In fact, I told this story on a show called Meet the fake press. Did you ever hear of it? It's Meet The Press But I call it the fake press or DEFACE THE NATION? Right? One of them. But they asked whether or not they were talking to Blinken is another beauty. And they said How come nothing happened like with Ukraine with Taiwan? With North Korea? How come nothing happened with Iran they were ready to make a deal. They would have made a great deal. Now they want billions and billions of dollars. But the good news is They were very smart. You know what they did? They got Russia to negotiate our deal with a red. That's a good one. And you know who's helping Russia negotiate the deal? China? How's that? That's gonna be a good and you know how many points we've won? None. We were no points. So we have Russia negotiating the deal with China as a backup. How stupid is this country? How stupid away. And the deal is a disaster it's turning out to be nobody can even believe it. But we're giving everything away all the things that we fought for with Iran, they would have made a deal within one week after we took office, they would have made a deal that was so ready to make a deal. We had sanctions? Well, that's a good question. We can do a lot. We can do a lot. We can do a lot. And you know what, we have cards. We had all the cards, we still have cards, if they knew how to play them, they still have cards. The only thing they're good at is fixing elections. That's about the only thing they do. Fixing elections, rigging them.

Also during my four years, China never invaded Taiwan, did they? Now they're sending planes over this and the bombers over. You had a president who not only completely rebuilt our military, including the addition of SpaceForce remember, they smile. Remember that? Something which has not happened since the Air Force 75 years ago, SpaceForce it's going to be very important having it you know, if you look at China and Russia, they had a big lead. And now we're leading because we did that that was so important, but they left and you remember Biden leftovers SpaceForce. And then the woman with a really beautiful red hair. She left and she was hit so hard by the military because they knew I was right. The military understood I was right. You know she's going to MNBC, you know that but right. They need a redhead. They don't have a redhead over there. So they need a redhead. But you also had a president who always put our country first it was America first always.

Thank you. What an incredible spirit. You know, the rallies we have now are bigger than the rallies from before the election. Because people are so angry, so angry. The Radical Left Democrats put America last. And that's where they intend to keep you they want to put us last. And nobody understands why What the hell are they doing? Nobody really understands this, like, do they love our country, maybe they don't love our country, the only way you can do that things are not stupid. The only way you can do what they're doing is you have to hate our country. Historians will record this period of American history as a catastrophic low point and a stain upon our once great reputation. It's stained. But we'll get rid of that stain. Never has our country been treated with such disrespect and scorn by other world leaders. They feed us like they don't even talk to this guy. He calls them up. We haven't had a chance to call him back two weeks later. Now they don't even return his phone calls.

 I believe it started after the way in which we withdrew from Afghanistan and when they looked at our borders, the way they were taking advantage of us on the borders was so bad, you know with they see it millions and millions of people coming in when they saw that other countries smart. They did things that nobody could believe that they were willing to do and they saw the dead soldiers. They saw the wounded soldiers they saw leaving American citizens right now they're called hostages. You have many citizens that the Taliban is holding they didn't get enough with the $85 billion maybe you have to go in and take it back. dumbest thing I've ever seen. Find is military equipment in the world. They have them from the goggles to the 700,000 machine guns, rifles guns. You know, they're one of the largest arms sellers in the world that They're selling much of the equipment, because they can use it 70,000 trucks. Now, I don't know anything about the automobile business except that I saved it for your state. Okay. But how many take the biggest car sales person and company in the country, they don't have 70,000 cars or truck 70,000 trucks, many of them armor plated, many of them worth millions and millions of dollars. And they haven't now. And then they did us the great honor of having a parade two weeks after we left using the word left very nicely. Because I don't like the word surrendered. But we surrendered. And there was no reason to. They had such they were, they were fine. They were behaving. I said, Nobody being shot. We were gonna get out. We were there. 21 years. I'm the one that got it down to 2000 soldiers. But I was going to keep Bagram you had to keep Bagram, a big Air Force Base. That's one hour away from where China makes its nuclear weapons. Think about that one hour away. We've never seen anything like this before. But we will come back and we will come back strong you watch.

There could be no more vivid example than their anti American energy agenda inspired by the socialist joke, known as the Green New Deal. We're all environmentalists. We want clean air. We want clean water. You know, it's pretty amazing, right? So China's very dirty, very dirty, the air comes up, the fumes come up that everything comes up. It doesn't stay there. It floats to the United States, India. I love a lot of people in India, but it's very dirty. They have no pollution control, the air goes up, and the air floats over to the United States. Every one of these countries Russia. Take a look at the Arctic they call it black ice that's from dirty factors. And yet we're clean. Our air goes up and it's clean. So who the hell gets it? Nobody knows because it's clean. But what are we doing? And we're we're increasing the course you look at these windmills that are all over the place ruining farms ruining land, ruining our landscape. And you remember I said it is very intermittent energy intermittent. Remember what I used to say during the campaign, darling, darling, I'd love to watch the president. I love the President. I'd love to watch him tonight in the debate, debating mostly the commentators not Joe, like Chris Wallace, like Chris. I said, Joe, why did you and your family get three and a half million dollars from the wife of the mayor of Moscow? What did you do? And Chris Wallace said, You have no right to ask that question. How good was that question now, right?

This week, Biden released a budget that proposes 11 new taxes on oil and gas production. At a time of record high gas prices, which are making our enemies which these these numbers at $150 a barrel, it's going much higher, go much, much higher. California now is over $8 A gallon for gasoline. In addition, your crazy Democrat governor and your attorney general who is vicious and doesn't have a clue but she is indeed vicious what she's trying to do to people. They're trying to shut down Michigan's like, you know this right line five, you know what, like, who knows what the hell line five is? Whoa. This is a very well read crowd. But they're trying to shut down line five pipeline that provides 55% of all propane gas in the state of Michigan. They want to close it, what the hell are they gonna do when it's closed? It's crazy. If Joe Biden were serious about fighting inflation and helping the middle class, the first thing he would do is walk into the White House briefing room and announce that he is immediately and completely returning the pro American energy policies of a president named Donald John Trump. It's very simple.

So simple, it's so simple. Gas prices would immediately plummet. We had him down. In fact, I was having a problem I got him so low, I had raised them a little bit or energy coming breweries would have gone out of business, you remember that. And we bought a lot of a lot of it. We bought a lot of it for the strategic reserves a lot of it at low prices. But we added so low that I started worrying not about the consumer I started worrying about are the energy companies going to make it. But you know, what they produce, they produce big and we got it up a little bit, and the price of gasoline was at a record low, and your heating and all of the other things, your electric bills are going down numbers that you had never seen before. And then this could really catastrophic election took place a disgraceful election. And all of a sudden, you are having the worst problems with energy, but energy is the least of it. You have everything. You know, we did a book our journey together. Did anybody buy that book? So it's a table book. It's a beautiful book. I think it did so well, because people loved it. Despite all of the hoaxes and all of the crap they pulled with Russia, Russia, Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, the Mueller report, all of the crap they pulled despite all of that impeachment hoax, number one impeachment hoax. Number two, who the hell could take this kind of stuff, I thought it would be a lot of fun. It's not fun. But you know, what we produce for the American people and we produce for our country better than just about any other president in history. So in that way, it was.

Thank you. You know, it's funny, I think somebody said today, is it true that you gave up your salary, I didn't take salary, and I figured a lot of rich presidents didn't take it. You know what? I was the only one. They think that George Washington didn't. Now they'll come out tomorrow, they'll say, oh, FDR, so but you know, they'll come up with something. But I thought, you know, maybe FDR, maybe Kennedy, maybe you know, some that had money that they wouldn't pay 450,000 450,000. So I wouldn't take it. But if somebody stays in one of my rooms or hotel rooms for $500 $700 a night. It's like, oh, I'm dealing with the Arabs. I'm taking advantage of think of it. But I gave up the salary. Nobody. But every month, they would call the sleeves back there the press, they would call. They'd say, they'd say this. Did he give up his salary this month? And the answer is yours. Next month, did he give up his salary this month? The answer was yes. This went on for four years. Right. And you know, what was written? Nothing. But you know, what, if they ever said, No, he didn't, it would be a front page headline. Really, these are really disgraceful things. You know, we need our press back. We need a fair press. We need a fair press. And it would be it would be so much easier. To make America great again. It really would it be so much easier to make our country and we have a corrupt press corrupt like never before. Nobody could believe it. I dealt with the press. I used to get great press before I ran for politics. I had great press. That's one of the reasons I guess I read I got such good press I read. But I had great press and then all of a sudden I run and we are of a conservative bent. It's that conservative note it is it's really common sense. But I don't say conservative, I'd say it's common sense. We got to have strong voters. We've got to have good education. We want low taxes, biggest tax cut in history. We want low taxes. We want fewer regulations, biggest regulation cut in history. We want a powerful military, we built the greatest military two and a half trillion dollars. All of these things. I mean, it's cut, we want great schools, we want great schools, or we want fair school boards, not crazy people. But from the border crisis to the energy crisis from the Afghanistan disaster to the Ukraine disaster. All of this is a consequence of the rigged election. It's all a consequence. If we didn't have that election, you would have no inflation. We had no inflation. We had better than no inflation. We had 1% You know, they want 1% They don't want to have they want like 1% They even like 2% I like 1% better. And if you're in the real estate business, you like inflation until everything crashes. What happens is you're making a fortune, then everything crashes. Then it goes huge. It goes up and then it comes down. But eventually that happens but we had the best because we had one person who was perfect. Our gas prices were under $2 and way under Some cases, everything was good. We had more jobs ever 100 and 60 million jobs, we had more jobs than we've ever had in our country in history. And that includes today were 7 million under. But we had more jobs, we did a job like nobody's ever done. And you would think they'd like it, you'd think they'd say, hey, this all they had to do, when they came in, despite the way they came in, is just go to the beach and relax. We had the borders of we had the low taxes, we had the low regulations, countries were coming into our country, again, they were stopping bringing companies out of Michigan to move to other states and other not other states. Because frankly, I won't say I said, you want to move to another state, you can move, but you can't move to another country, you can't move to another country. And the truth is, I ran twice. We won twice. And we did much better the second time than we did the first. And now we may have to do it again. May have to do it again.

And just recovered quickly, cuz I don't want to take a lot of time. But it's coming out this truth to vote where they found all the thousands  and thousands  of ballot harvesters. You've seen that truth to vote when you see that that's coming out in two weeks. When you see those numbers, I think it's four or 5 million people cheating. Those numbers are coming out. Now the press hates like hell to cover it. Oh, and they go crazy. Because they have a lot of live television. I'm talking about this. They don't know what to do. They're saying, Should we turn off the cameras to cares. But right here just quickly in Michigan, you're corrupt state official sent out 7.7 million unsolicited mail in ballot applications to everyone on the roads, including people that were dead, and those who no longer live in the state. Other than that it was wonderful. How many people got more than one actually you wouldn't have that many? No, the Democrats got a lot more than one. But even you have a lot more than one. Now it's crazy. When you hear mail in ballot, you can guarantee you have a corrupt election. you mail it in and somebody is supposed to be at a house or they send it back. You guaranteed to have a corrupt election your radical Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson ordered. She ordered election clerks to assume that all signatures on Mellon ballots were valid, which was later found by the Michigan State court to be flagrantly illegal, it was found what happened. They didn't do anything. They didn't make any changes. Zuckerberg. He used to come kiss my ass at the White House. Sir, Mr. Zuckerberg is on the phone. He'd love to have dinner with you, sir. He flooded local Michigan election offices is really nearly $17 million. You know, in a great state, Nebraska, a congressman is being put in jail over a few dollars that he possibly didn't even know anything about. He's going to jail. A few $1,000. And yet, this guy gives $417 million to all these states. The money it's passed around like, like pizza, like pizza at a party. And nothing happens if they're putting this Congressman, I don't know him well, but he's a congressman. And it was over a very small amount of money. They could have put him in jail, over a number of thousands  like $20,000. And he said he didn't know about it. Now, who knows? Maybe did maybe 20,000. This guy did $417 million. Among the different states. You got millions, you got millions and millions of dollars here. And the majority went to deep blue areas. And in particular, the corrupt Democrat run cities, including the TCF center in Detroit. That's an honest place where there was fraud and major irregularities, a lot of fraud, a lot of irregularities. But your Democrats didn't want to look and you have a lot of RINO Republicans that would didn't want to look to I think in many ways the RINOs are worse than the Democrats. Because at least you know where the Democrats are coming from. The RINOs are bad news. You know what RINO is Republican in name only. So let's get this straight. The Democrats commit massive and overwhelming voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, and they want the Republicans to go to jail for investigating and protesting a very crooked election. Well, that sounds reasonable to people that corrupted our election. They have no problem, the people that are looking for the truth and they're looking for the corruption, which has largely been found. They should go to jail. They should go to jail. That's what the Democrats are saying. Republicans must get tough and smart and not let them get away with the crime of the century any longer. As one critical step, we have to fire the radical Democrat officials who gave us this total calamity starting with your socialist Secretary of statements and annual lawless Attorney General, Dana Nestle. She's very terrible. She's terrible. We're joined tonight by two incredible candidates who are going to beat those extreme leftist this November. The great people, these are great people. I know him well. First, I'm pleased to introduce your next Michigan secretary of state this is a wonderful woman with a beautiful mom and dad who I just met backstage. Kristina Karamo—Kristina come up. Kristina is a mom come up Kristina, a college professor, a Christian and a true American patriot. She is a fearless champion for election integrity. In November 2020. Kristina's spent days at the TCF center in Detroit and was appalled by the cheating and the corruption that you witnessed. Kristina bravely stepped forward and testified to the Michigan legislature and I will tell you, she made such an impression. That's why everybody wants to vote for her right now. They love her. But the left is RINOs didn't care what she said they didn't want any part. They'd say Trump is winning big he'll do it again. No, no, what happened in the past? Do it again, we won't have a country left. So now Kristina is running for Secretary of State to clean up Michigan's election for good. And she's pledged to deliver citizens citizenship confirmation, residency, confirmation, little things like that. signature verification, the elimination of Zuckerberg Dropbox, I call them the unlock boxes, you know, they call them lock boxes, I call them unlock boxes, ironclad chain of custody protections. And very importantly, she wants something very simple. It's called voter ID. Does that make sense? So Kristina is running to defeat Johnson. Jocelyn Benson, who is absolutely bad news for this state. She's so bad for this state. The diehard left wing radical who has gutted your state's election integrity measures. Just weeks after the corrupt 2020 election. Benson ordered election clerks across the state to urgently delete all election files as soon as possible. In order to prevent a full audit. Kristina knows this. I just want to ask Kristina, I know she spoke before. But I was trying to get here. You know, we had very bad weather and they said, Sir, I don't think you're going to be able to make it. I said my ass I won't be able to make now, Shuker said, I said, what are our chances of landing safely? They said at least 90% I said, Okay. Now we had very bad weather, and there was no way I was going to miss it. And so I appreciate all the guys. That was a rough trip. I never knew an airplane could be so rough Kristina, but I just like to ask her status. This is a an incredible woman, respected by everybody. And if you could say a few words, we'd love it. Thank you.

Kristina Karamo speaks.(Karamo is a black Republican running for Michigan Secretary of State—the Guardian calls her "The latest threat to democracy".)

President Trump, thank you for what you did for our country. You pulled the scale off of so many people eyes of how they're the cabal of people and leadership's bent on destroying our country. Thank you. Thank you. We actually had a person in our presidency who loved our country, and Oh, didn't do it to advance himself, but to actually fight back. Thank you for the deaths what we need in leadership. You know what's interesting, as according to the state of Michigan, I didn't vote in the 2020 election. That was so interesting of all the lies told about me, I that's the most infuriating thing like why would I spend all that time at the TCF center knock doors for President Trump and turn around and not vote, but then I fired my application to vote proving that I voted in the 2020 election. Even though according to the state of Michigan, I didn't vote, and there are so many people across the state where according to the Secretary of State, they voted different than they actually did vote, but were insurrectionists were traitors, Big Lie proponents for asking questions, but then our media protects corrupt politicians and demonizes the citizens of speaking up. So I am so excited to be your next Secretary of State to make sure that no matter who you vote for what you believe your vote counts in your vote in the nullified by an illegal ballot.

And I want to thank President Trump for all you've done for our country. And you know what else President Trump you inspire so many people to run for office to stand up and fight back? Because he cannot do it by himself. It's an army of people across our state. We're fighting back little MAGA warriors, and we're getting the job done. Thank you.

President Trump

Wow. Oh, wow. I wanted to speak Bor come up and speak again. Now. Look, Kristina feel good about your vote? Because somebody voted for you. Okay. That's what happened. Many, many people all over the country. They go to vote, Republicans like to vote on Election Day. Another thing we should go back to Election Day, not where ballots are sitting in a storage room safely supported by you know, who is supporting them, right where they throw our vote, watchers out of you saw that in Philadelphia, in Detroit. But the good news for Kristina is that her vote counted, unfortunately, it counted for the person that you would have never wanted to see in office because somebody else voted for that happened all over. People would come in to Philadelphia, Detroit, a lot of different places. They're so proud. They're so proud. I'd like to vote. I'm sorry, ma'am. But you voted before No, no, no. This is such a big thing. Because whatever it is, Republicans won a vote on Election Day. No, no, I didn't vote. I have not voted. I love our president What about I'm sorry, ma'am. You voted. This happened thousands  and thousands  of time. Some people were angry beyond belief. Some people started to cry. Some people just left. They said this is the system. It's a corrupt system. We're like a third world country. And we're going to stop it. And Kristina and Matt are going to lead that effort. So thank you. Great job. And your parents are beautiful. Where are your parents? For the boy Oh, boy, what look at her mother and her father. They are beautiful. Thank you. Thank you very much. You've done a very good job. And you're proud. You're proud of Kristina. Thank you, Joe. Thank you. In addition, I need everyone to support it's so important. These two positions so important. And this is not just the election for this is crime in your state crime in your cities. This is a lot of different things.

But you have to support Michigan's next Attorney General, a great and powerful lawyer, a tough cookie, which is what you need. Somebody said, Well, he's very tough. That's what you need. Who is putting his life and reputation on the line, Matt DePerno.

Matt is a lifelong Michigander who has practiced law for 25 years, and a conservative warrior who will never fail the people of this state. Fact you know, when I first met Matt, he was hated. When I first met when I first met Matt, he was a lawyer up here who was hated by a lot of these weak politicians, the weak ones, the RINOs, others loved him because he got the job done. But he did numbers on them that were unbelievable in the courts, and he really held them accountable. He's a highly competitive person after the 2020 election. Matt led the explosive investigation to what happened in Antrim County, where among other irregularities, votes were switched by mistake and had to be corrected. You know, we caught them right a lot of votes to oh, they said, Oh, she was just a mistake. Oh, okay. Good. It was a mistake. The machines made a little mistake. Thank you very much for acknowledging after they get good she that was After people pointed out that it was impossible that Trump had lost, these are areas where we had vast majorities and we lost. So when they went in, they found out that the vote was correct. Except then they found out that it was a big mistake. And they apologized a hell of a lot of good that did us. As your attorney general Matt will defend your Second Amendment. He will crack down on violent crime, and he will ensure free fair and honest elections. But before he can defeat soft on crime, and she's soft on crime, she's only strong on Republicans, Dana Nestle this fall, Matt, who is a true warrior. And I mean, this he's a tough cookie. We need a tough cookie, he must first defeat a guy who really had a chance to do the job. He's a RINO named Tom Leonard. I don't know. I just hear Harold horrible things. He had a chance. Leonard is weak on election integrity. And he had his chance to to correct it, you had a great opportunity to correct it. But he didn't have the guts to do so. That's not what we want. He's a RINO, he's not going to do a damn thing. Matt, say a few words. We love this guy. Thank you.

Matt DePerno speaks:

Thank you. The Thank you, President Trump, you are an inspiration. And a great leader. And I say this, the greatest president in the history of this country.

And I tell you this. This is what the MAGA movement is about. Remember, in January 2017, when Donald Trump was inaugurated, he stood on those steps in Washington, DC. And remember that picture with those two people sitting his over his left shoulder, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. I remember that picture vividly. Because President Trump said to every one of us, he said today I give the country back to the people.

And that that is what we mean. When we say America, first candidates and Michigan first candidates. That's what we're talking about. That's what we're going to do in November, we are going to beat these Democrats. No longer will we allow the elites in this country to control our elections and to control us in the spring of 2020. Governor Whitmer shut down our state. And some of us stood up and fought against it never submit to tyranny.

When I am elected as Attorney General, we will change this in this state. We will restore this state back to what it once was a constitutional republic. I will return the office back to the law firm for the people where I will represent every one of you. But it starts at the convention coming up. Every one of you delegates need to get to your county conventions. Donald Trump is still the leader of this party.

And Donald Trump has come here today and said to every one of you delegates: support Matt DePerno, support Christine Karamo. So let me hear it from you right now. Are you going to do that? This right here is the continuation of the MAGA movement. And we have President Donald Trump to to to thank for that. The 45th President of the United States, and I dare say I hope the 47 Thank you. Thank you appreciate it

Trump Again

Thank you, man. Thank you. Great job. And he is really tough. And it says what you need is a, he's a killer. We need a killer. And he's a killer and honesty's and honest, hard working guy who was feared up here. I just said, I have to beat this guy. Who the hell is he? I'm the one that said, Why don't you run, I'm telling you mad, you're gonna win. And you and Kristina have just taken it by storm. Everyone loves you both. And you're going to get to the bottom of everything, and you're going to stop crime, just basic crime in his state. You look at what's happening. And you look at what's happening in Detroit and other parts of your state. It's a disgrace to be there. And Kristina will be there. These critical nominations for Secretary of State and Attorney General, will take place at the state convention on April 23. But the delegates for the state convention will be chosen at your county conventions on April 11. So you have the conventions on April 11. For the county. We have some of those great delegates, candidates and others here tonight, I'm going to introduce a few people that have been just outstanding. I love them. They know what went on. They just they cannot believe what went on. They did so well. We did so well. We did much better than we did the first time. We did much, much better. You know, the most angry person anywhere in this country is Hillary Clinton because she said, Why the hell did you do that for me? She's angry at the Democrats. He wants to know why they didn't do it for her.

Was she saying you know, you found all these votes? Why the hell Couldn't you have found 10,000 votes for me, she said, she's a very angry person. At the county convention, be sure to ask every candidate running. And you have to do this for state convention. If they will support the Trump ticket. We have an incredible ticket of people. And they won't give you that assurance. Don't give them your vote. And remember, this is not just about 2022 This is about making sure Michigan is not rigged and stolen again in 2024. Remember the so whatever you do, make sure you send a slate of delegates to support Kristina karamo. And Matt De Pere. No, they're outstanding people. They are unbelievable people I don't do I have to be honest, I don't do this often. I don't do this often. For state people. This is so important. What happened in Michigan is a disgrace to disgrace. If you do they will protect us from a corrupt election. So we're also joined by members of Congress great people real fighters for Trump. John Moolenaar John, Where's John? John, thank you very much. Great job warrior. Thank you. Thank you say hello to everybody. We have a lot of good friends. And somebody that got a big round of applause. I hear Lisa McLean's, Lisa. Thank you. Thank you. Great job. Great job, Lisa. Thank you, warriors, and a great new candidate for Congress, who was a brilliant student at Stanford and Harvard. He went to Stanford. He went to Harvard. He's a brilliant guy. He was a great student, John Gibbs, who by the way is running against one of the 10 in pictures. A guy who spells his name me, Jay AR but they pronounce it Meyer the hell kind of his spelling is that Meyer measure? Its measure but it's actually pronounced admire. I said, How the hell do you pronounce this guy's name? Nobody knows if he's done nothing in Washington. I said how do you pronounce his name? Is it measure measure? They said it's Meyer How the hell do you get Meyer out of it? But I'd like to ask John Gibbs to come up. This Mayor thought he was going to get some free publicity. Hopefully, that fake vote will cost him the election. John Gibbs, a brave man a great man, a brilliant student. Come on.

First of all, thank you, President Trump. Thank you for the model you provide for every decent American, to stop being afraid for a change. Aren't you guys tired of people being scared of being called names, being scared of being canceled, being scared of their own shadow that President Trump has shown us a model for all the regular decent people all around the country can finally stand up and stop being afraid and do what's right.

Do you think all these mama bears these wonderful and amazing mama bears of the school board meetings? We wouldn't be doing that without President Trump's leadership and model he provided for how to stand up against a corrupt system. So let's keep doing that. And let's not be too nice, like we always have been, they started being a little bit tougher. They started being a little bit more ferocious. Let's have some sharp teeth when we go higher. Is not we learned from President Trump. That is what we've learned. I'm running against one of the biggest RINOs and Congress who voted to impeach President Trump, the greatest presidents as his first vote. As a congressman, he's got to go. He's got to get out of there. So let's get out in November. Let's import the Trump candidates and support me especially running in the Grand Rapids area, West Michigan, third district. Let's go. Let's get Peter Meyer out of there. Let's support President Trump's agenda and Congress. Vote John Gibbs. Thank you. And thank you President Trump.

Thank you, John. Just a second and Joe. So he was he was considered by Ben Carson, a fantastic guy to be Ben ran HUD. And John was a missionary for a long while. very religious person. And then he went to work with other people and did unbelievably well in Ben Carson asked him to come into HUD and Ben was the first person that told me about John, and said Ben would love to see this happen. He said he's one of the smartest people he's ever dealt with. And that's a good recommendation because Ben is just an outstanding person. So thank you, John. John is special. Thank you, John. Also with us, our state representatives, Matt Maddox have been Has anyone ever heard of Matt? And a really good guy, they changed districts on him. Because I would have supported him for one thing, but we're gonna support him for State Rep. And he's done a fantastic job. Steve. Cara, Steve, where Steve? Steve gara Thank you, Steve. Thank you, Steve. Great job. Great job. They changed the district so many times. Nobody knew what the hell was happening. Now we have a candidate for governor who is very popular, who's a fantastic, brilliant candidate, tutor Dixon tutor. Thank you tutor. That Thank you. I heard you're doing well too. And we have some state House candidates and I'd like to introduce these people because it's very important. It all starts here. Mick Bricker Jackie Eubanks, Mike Hoadley, Kevin Rathbun. Angela Ragus Jonathan Roca gray shells Smith. Thank you all. And you're all leading Verizon. They're all endorsed by me. Every one of them. You're all leading very substantially. I hear and you're going to give those few names to our friends. Right. I had a couple of other recommendations and I listened to them. And State Senate candidates Mike Detmer, Jonathan Lindsey. They all have my complete and total endorsement. Congratulations, go get them. You're leading big you leading big they're all leading big. We were in Texas A few weeks ago 33 at Oh, we have a good record on endorsement. Suppress hates to talk about it. Thank you for and I love you too. Thank you, darling. Very good. Stand up. I want to see what I want to see who loves me, because I actually

Now I had a woman said that I just see and she's great. Thank you very much. And there was a guy that said that I love him stuck my thing, but I love him too. I love him too. Thank you very much. Thank you. Is there anything better than a Trump rally? Seriously? Is there anything better? What would we be doing right now? Would be sitting home, watching television, eating, eating, eating, eating, calling people board. And here we are having a good time trying to save our country, right?

It's true. We're saving our country. We're gonna save it. Start right here in Michigan. You ever see Biden when he says it's great to be with the people of Ohio? No, no, you're in Michigan? No, no. Or he's in Florida. He says it's great to be with the people of Iowa. No, no, no, there are palm trees out there that don't have palm trees. That he says this is a beautiful Sunday afternoon to be with no, no, no, this is Saturday. If I ever made a mistake like that, they'd say he should get out of office immediately. But Biden used to make it all the time. He still does actually they corrupt. How about he makes a press conference? And they always have like four corrections? No, he didn't mean that. He didn't mean what he said. He didn't mean any of it actually is very insulting. You know, you're the president or all these people that have didn't have a job a year and a half ago, and they're correcting everything. He says actually, they'd be better off. If they just left it, it would probably be better off. Let them mistakes then for years corrupt politicians, shut down your factories, shipped away your jobs, and sold off your industries to the other side of the world. Wonderful place the other side, we lost 32% of your automobile manufacturing business. Before I came into office, think of it 3030 to 34% that I predicted it would only get worse. And then I was named a long time ago I was named Did you know this a long time. I don't know your chamber of commerce. Somebody who the hell knows what it is. They named me the Man of the Year in Michigan. And I got up. And I said they're stealing your car business. And I was really rebuilt. They said that wasn't a very nice thing to say. I said, but it's the truth that I was right. That was a long time ago Man of the Year in Michigan. We've been doing this stuff a long time actually. But with the help of everyone here today, over four incredible years, we saved American manufacturing. And we did it for the state of Michigan probably as much or more than any other state because we saved your automobile business. We saved the steel business. We tax China we put tariffs and taxes on China like nobody ever thought possible. My first week in office, I withdrew from the terrible Trans Pacific Partnership, which would have been the death blow a death knell for the US auto industry. Auto people call me they said please don't let that happen, sir. And I immediately killed it. I renegotiated Obama's horrendous Korea trade deal a disaster, made it a very good deal and saved our auto workers from unfair foreign competition. I ended the horrible probably the worst trade deal ever made by any country NAFTA disaster. And replace it with the brand new US MCA Mexico and Canada creating hundreds of thousands  of jobs for American auto workers and workers. And you know, now they're trying to renegotiate the deal Mexico and Canada want to renegotiate the deal, because it's no good for them, which makes me feel good, frankly. And they shouldn't do is get rid of Trudeau

he treated us very nicely because he signed the deal. I didn't think that get them to sign it. But it's it's gone from the worst deal made to the best deal made. And everyone said that couldn't be done. You know, we had to get it through Congress. Everyone said it couldn't be done. And Mexico and Canada have a lot a lot of juice in Congress. I hate to tell you that. But we got it done. And it's a great deal. And I hope Biden doesn't renegotiate that, like he's doing with the Iran nuclear deal, which is a disaster. I stood up for China's abuses like no president in history charging China we charged China hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes and tariffs, which they Steel, and it saved our auto industry, among others. And no president has ever charged China. Not 10 cents, not 10 cents, they never got charged. They were killing us. We had a deficit with China of $507 billion with a bee. Nobody knows what that even means. It's so big, and in my opinion, not sustainable. And I was all set to bring it down to even and then we had some bad news. Some strange votes came in late at night, three o'clock in the morning, a lot of strange things happen. I also authorized millions of dollars to save and rebuild. Michigan's vital Sue locks and got you hundreds of millions of dollars for Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which is a big deal hundreds of million. They've been trying to get that money for many years. The Democrats wouldn't give it I got it. And they're doing great work, too. I understand including on the locks, those locks were falling apart. Those locks were not locks. But now Biden in the radical Democrats have put at risk everything that we fought to build in this country. Biden's inflation calamity will cost the average family an estimated $5,200. This year, a giant tax on the American workers that's bigger than any tax increase that you could have, and they want to raise your taxes. Real wages are falling. And we are teetering on the edge of an economic nightmare known as stagflation. Does anybody know stagflation? You don't want to know. That's simultaneous inflation and recession. How's that sound? Good. It's not good. And this week, Biden released a budget with plans to turbocharge this disaster, with record high spending, the largest tax increase in history, and a business tax hike that will export millions of jobs back to China and other foreign countries, and guarantee that companies will leave the United States in record numbers to go elsewhere. You know, they were all coming back under me. I gave them tremendous incentives to come back. I also gave them they had trillions of dollars $6 trillion outside of the United States, they couldn't get it back in because of regulation. And because of the ridiculous tax. And I got it back in, they came back in and we simplified the regulations. And we lowered the tax that they brought the money back and, and they spent the money building in the United States. These are the things we did these are just a small portion of the things we did even Right to Try we'll go into a different subject right to try were people that were terminally ill would travel the world, if they had money, if they didn't have money, they'd literally go home and die. They go home and die. We have the greatest scientists in the world, we have the greatest labs in the world, and we have medicines that are good, but they won't be approved for five years. I took it down from 12 years down to five and I was going to get it a lot lower than that. But they had to wait for years to get it approved by the FDA, the good old FDA. And what happened. And what happened is right to try I got it if somebody was terminally ill or very ill. And they could prove that they got the right to use this brand new beautiful medicine that won't be approved for another period of time. And thousands  and thousands  of lives are being saved all over the country. First another thing that we did, another thing that we did thousands  of lives have been saved. And everyone said we couldn't have had to get that one through Ganga, you know, sound simple. They've been trying to do it for 44 years, they couldn't get it done. They said the country will have liability. I said, That's okay. They'll sign a document saying we're not going to hold the country liable, the company will have liability, that's okay. We'll sign that the company won't have any liability. They say the pharmaceuticals companies don't want because if people are terminally ill, that means they're very far down the line. And they don't want it on their record. They want to show that this product works. I said that's okay. We'll have a separate list so that it won't affect them. They said, Well, that's very good. That's all very good. And we got it done. thousands  and thousands  of lives are being fed.

But with respect to our country, do not lose hope because with the right leadership, America will be back greater, stronger and more powerful than ever before. One of the first things we will do when Republicans retake Congress and it could be big, let's not talk about it. It could be big. I heard today 68 seats, but I don't want to say that because if it's 67 They'll say Trump suffered a humiliating defeat. Now I heard numbers from 22 6868 So far the highest every weekend seems to get higher. All of these Democrat Congress, people are retiring, because they're getting their asses kicked in every poll because they're so incompetent. But we're going to retake Congress. Bring Joe Biden and crazy Nancy Pelosi socialist spending spree to a screeching halt. Our country can't take it any longer. Another top priority for Republican majorities will be to pass a bill immediately terminating every single COVID mandate. And nobody suffered like Michigan

nobody suffered stronger than what she did to Michigan. I don't believe I don't even think New York suffered like you did G everybody but her husband had to stay and he could go ice skating. He could do whatever Ellie who is the husband, Man, that guy had a hell of a life while you were locked inside your abs. You weren't allowed to go out and cut your grass. You couldn't paint the outside of your house. You're not gonna get COVID by painting your house. But this guy was allowed to go cruising on the legs.

I want to see what this guy looks like. He must be a handsome son of a bitch to get away with.

No one ever mentions that despite crushing our citizens with mandates and restrictions, Biden presided over more COVID deaths in 2021. Then we had all of 2020 Think of that, with all of the things that we did and all of the therapy

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