Videos Of Election Irregularities That Have Come Up Since The 2020 Election
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In light of the recent VDare post NYC Migrant Voter Fraud Revealed. Again, The Democrats Intend To Steal 2024, I thought I’d pull up a few videos of election irregularities that have come up since the 2020 election.

Start with this one:

(Perhaps the most in depth roundup of voting “irregularities” [FullMeasure Cover Story: Election Questions, September 3, 2023].) After Sharyl Attkisson details many cases of election irregularities, all favoring Democrats, Sharyl says, “When past voting practices are deemed unconstitutional or illegal, there’s no firm process to go back and correct the elections or figure out what the impact was. No independent authority actively monitors for voting issues and producing evidence of fraud or proof of no fraud can be equally challenging, lobbing accusations from both sides that can’t be definitely resolved.” Yes, there’s often an immigrant connection to the fraud. In the portion that covers fraud in Arizona, the interviewee says of the constituents, “Very few spoke English.”

Among other things, Attkisson points out the case of Antrim County that Biden supposedly won. Two lawsuits later, it was revealed that Trump carried the county by 56% of the vote [Small Michigan county goes back to the win column for Trump, November 5, 2020]. She shows the case of former Congressman Ozzie Myers in Philadelphia who bribed election judges [Former U.S. Congressman and Philadelphia Political Operative Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison for Election Fraud, DOJ, September 27, 2022].

Perhaps no one did more to expose voter fraud than Project Veritas, so the establishment had to get rid of them. There is often a migrant connection as Somalis pay for ballots in Minneapolis, and Democrats bus Hispanics and Asians to different polling locations in New York City.

Above, Lara Loomer was able to get Democrat Commissioner of Board of Elections for New York City Alan Schulkin to admit they bus voters from one polling location to another to vote, and no, you don’t need voter ID in NYC.

I believe this half hour long video of Scott Foval, National Field Director at Americans United For Change, got Foval fired.  

Let us not forget this video of a Somali in Minneapolis paying cash for ballots.

In this video, a guy who had moved to Florida from the Buffalo, New York area discovers that someone has been voting in his name in New York State without his (the actual voter’s) knowledge.

Of course, there are many more cases of voter fraud than just these, but many jurisdictions are afraid of going after election fraud lest they be called “racist.”

Governor DeSantis is going after election fraud in Florida and has found at least one illegal alien who did vote.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is finding at least one Green Card holder who voted illegally in Texas. I bet there are thousands more who are voting.

The Heritage Foundation has produced “A Sampling of Recent Election Fraud Cases from Across the United States.”  

More historically, VDare has covered the voter fraud of the JFK campaign in Cook County, Illinois. Plus, there’s LBJ winning his first run for Congress thanks to late ballots being found in ballot box 13.  

It would be a fool who believes that election fraud won’t happen again.


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