War On Christmas Victory In New Providence, NJ
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Meant to post this back in May: VDARE.COM friend John Miano wrote me

Is it too early to submit War on Christmas entries?

The buffoonery has already started in my neighborhood: New Providence can defend diversity without sacrificing its Christmas Walk, NJ.com, May 26, 2010.

This was a letter from the Elders and Pastor of Westminter Presbyterian Church in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, protesting a demand by something called the Interfaith Council of New Providence and Berkeley Heights (which doesn't seem to have a website) that the town's annual Christmas walk be renamed a "Holiday Walk".

Significantly, the Interfaith Council specifically argued that the Christmas Walk "represents only one faith tradition in a community of many faith traditions"—i.e. it is the arrival of non-traditional immigrants that justifies the War Against Christmas. (Or the eagerly anticipated arrival—New Providence is still 90% white).

Miano added: "Fortunately, the reaction to this PC BS is generally negative"—but the comments seems to have been scrubbed, hmm.

However, he tells me that the 2010 Christmas Walk is still on—on the day after Thanksgiving, November 26.

This microcosmic skirmish is interesting not merely because Christmas survived, but because Christian churches, usually so wimpish, spoke up.

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