WASHINGTON POST Agrees—GOP Campaign Consultants Toxic
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Earlier: Yes, Virginia (Dare), There IS A GOP War On Women!—Campaign Consultants Prey On Naive Millionairesses Like Terri Lynn Land

No doubt inadvertently, the Washington Post has done patriots a service with Donors gave a House candidate more than $8 million. A single firm took nearly half of it, by Meagan Flynn and Michael Scherer, March 2, 2021. This documents at excessive length how a hopeless Republican candidacy by a black woman, Kim Klacik, against Kweisi Mfume (D MD-7) was turned into a Consultant Pig-Out:

Her campaign is an example of how some consulting firms are profiting handsomely from Republican candidates who have robust appeal in today’s politically charged environment…

By the end of Klacik’s campaign, she would raise a staggering $8.3 million and pay nearly $3.7 million of it to Olympic Media, according to campaign finance filings.

The malign influence of Campaign Consultants on GOP elections has been a pet peeve of VDARE.com for a long time. Peter Brimelow applauded a Brilliant Viguerie Post On Conservatism, Inc. in 2012 dealing with their effect:

…which I increasingly think is the main barrier to getting patriotic immigration reform into politics

I made my own contribution later that year in GOP Campaign ConsultantsAs Bad As Divorce Lawyers For Ruining Clients

There were clear signs in the late summer that the Romney campaign had been perverted by fee-maximizing operatives. Steve Sailer’s back-of-envelope calculations suggest Karl Rove may have taken $45 million out of the election!

And subsequently there was Morton Blackwell On GOP Consultants (Or, How Karl Rove Got Rich).

All of this invites contemplation of the Georgia Senate disaster of which the GOP is said to have blown $1 Billion: Karl Rove's Greed Explains Why Perdue, Loeffler, Didn't Block Indian Overclass Importation Bill

Plundering silly minority outreach campaigns is one thing. But diverting and repressing immigration patriot efforts is quite another.

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