WASHINGTON POST Print Edition Has Almost No Immigration Coverage—Just Like Elon Said
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Earlier this week, Elon Musk called out the media for not covering the border crisis [Elon Musk calls out lack of ’legacy media coverage’ on border crisis, Andrew Chapados, The Blaze, September 21, 2023].  

Since I live and breathe border disaster, I was interested to know how much the media is or isn’t the border. Usually, they cover some aspect of it, if only a bare minimum to say they did cover it.

I usually don’t pay any attention to the mainstream media since I regard them as nothing more than propaganda outfits and I’m surprised they have any credibility left at all. However, this week, I had access to the Washington Post print edition.

So, here’s my weekly wrap up of the Post’s coverage of the border. On Wednesday, the Post did not have one single story about our southern border. They had one article titled, “For thousands of migrants lost at sea, a bid to salvage dignity” (pg. 11 of the print edition September 27, 2023). It’s about immigrants drowning in the Mediterranean on their way to the Magic Dirt of Europe. It’s nothing but a sob story hoping to get people sorry for the invaders and allow more in.

In Thursday’s Post, there’s some story about Germany tightening its border, “Germany introduces new border controls,” on page A10. (It’s actually a Reuters story, and may not be in the online edition.) On page A3, there’s a seemingly innocuous story titled, “Israelis can travel to the United States without a visa by the end of November.” Let me tell you a story about that. The only time I can remember catching an illegal alien carrying an Israeli visa, I was puzzled. I knew back then how powerful the Jewish lobby was, and I knew personally Jewish refugees in the United States. I asked the guy why a guy with an Israeli passport needed to come into the U.S. illegally. He responded bitterly, “I’m not Israeli! I’m Palestinian!” I didn’t know that there were Palestinians who qualified technically as Israelis even while they hated Israel. That seems to remind me of a lot of “minorities” living in the U.S., while resenting the historical American nation.

On Friday, buried on page 18 is a story title In House and Senate, Republicans lack consensus on funding for border.” It seems that Jeff Bezos’s reporters are content to cover the border disaster from Washington, D.C. while they gleefully report on Republican dysfunction.

On Saturday, I couldn’t find any mention of the border at all. It might be buried in there somewhere, but none of the headlines mention it.

On Sunday, the only thing I could find was an opinion column titled, Americans open the door to another child separation nightmare,” by Catherine Rampell on page A25. It’s an attempt to revive the “Kids in Cages” propaganda that was so effective during the Trump presidency in defeating borders and opening the flood gates. I call it “Kids are cute, therefore, open borders!” Any fool could have seen that they were exploiting kids to get an open border. If you didn’t want to be separated from your kids when Jeff Sessions first took office, THEN DON’T CROSS THE BORDER ILLEGALLY!!!! It’s not like they had to. Except, only majority white nations have Magic Dirt. All others have Tragic Dirt.  

In propaganda, it’s almost more important which stories are not reported than those that are.


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