WASHINGTON POST Uses The Toilet Paper Fallacy Again To Fool The Serfs That ‘No Borders’ Is Good For Them
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MSM Central has obviously sent out an order: fool the serfs about the immivasion’s effect on them by using the Toilet Paper fallacy.

The Toilet Paper fallacy is that if Gross Domestic Product expands because of population, then everyone benefits.

Over 10 years ago even a generalist like Powerline’s John Hinderaker had grasped this was wrong: Powerline’s Hinderaker: GDP Per Capita Key To Amnesty/Economic Growth Claim (Or, The Toilet Paper Fallacy).

Then there is the equally critical but more easily hidden matter of immigration’s redistribution effect within the American community. Peter Brimelow laid this mechanism out during the Obama Amnesty Wars: Schumer-Rubio To Transfer Half-Trillion Dollars Annually From People To PlutocratsIn NYC Mayor Adams Has Migrant Crisis “Solution”: Attack Living Standards Of N.Y. Working Class I pointed out this effect is not just directly in cash. Overcrowded schools swamped with non-English speaking children, swamped medical facilities, and housing prices bid up by the immigrants or their U.S. patrons inflict harm on the Americans who have to live alongside the invaders just as much as the wage impact.

These conditions of course do not impact the MSM stars who started the propaganda barrage earlier this month: MSM Bigfoots Krugman And Rampell Use Toilet Paper Fallacy To Mask Great Replacement Enthusiasm. They have other concerns.

Now the Washington Post has fired again: The economy is roaring. Immigration is a key reason, by Rachel Siegel, Lauren Kaori Gurley and Meryl Kornfield. Nick Miroff contributed to this report. February 27, 2024,

This sprawling (1900-word) and diffuse essay is basically a collection of sob stories about how hard things can be for the immivaders. It is also even more illiterate than usual, saying that after COVID:

The sudden snapback in demand sent inflation soaring. Supply chain issues were a main reason prices rose quickly. But labor shortages posed a problem, too, and economists feared that rising wages—as employers scrambled to find workers—would keep price increases dangerously high.

(Take that, Milton Friedman!)

Aside from ululating about the size of the GDP, this piece gives no consideration to the impact of the invasion on Americans except for fleeting minimization. Thus they quote long-time immigration flack Alex Nowrasteh on the influx:

”What it can do is lower the wages of a specific occupation in a specific area, but American workers aren’t stupid. They change jobs. They change what they specialize in,” Nowrasteh said. “So that’s part of the reason why wages don’t go down.”

Note that Nowrasteh avoids the key question: What would have happened to these Americans’ real wages if the immivasion had not occurred?

As long ago as June 1992, in his National Review essay “Time To Rethink Immigration,” Peter Brimelow noted that the consensus among economists was that immigration brought no net gain to Americans as a whole. What benefits that were not appropriated by the immigrants themselves went to the owners of Capital.

Rather curiously, the Washington Post here supplies a classic example:

In Dalton, Ga.—known as the “Carpet Capital of the World”—Jan Pourquoi said the entire economy would collapse without immigrant workers. Pourquoi owns a rug company … and pays $11 an hour for jobs like cutting and sewing door and bathroom mats. He said that he doesn’t question anyone’s paperwork, and that he knows workers will reliably line up at his door looking for openings every morning.

[VDARE.com emphasis]

According to Wikipedia, in Dalton, now 53.66% Hispanic, men have an average income of $28,158 a year. This does not sound like prosperity.

Pourquoi assured the Washington Post that if he had to pay more, he would lose out to foreign competition. Perhaps, instead of exploiting a swamp of Hispanic poverty, it would be better if he took his mill to Latin America and let Dalton revert to being American.

Since the MSM only listens to itself, we can expect an increased flow of these fundamentally dishonest pieces of propaganda.

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