White Teenager Said "Illegal Alien"—Suspended From School For Three Days On A Charge Of "Racism"
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Here’s one I’ve lifted from American Renaissance, who lifted it from The Carolina Journal of April 15th.

One of my pet peeves is all the frowning and censoring at the phrase ”illegal alien.” It’s a perfectly good descriptor, used in federal legislation. Patriotic Americans should use it loud and clear at every opportunity.

Here’s one who did: a 16-year-old scholar at Central Davidson High School in Lexington, North Carolina, which is 81 percent white, and only 8 percent Hispanic, according to Greatschools.org.

On a vocabulary assignment in his English class, this young man was assigned the word ”alien.” Trying to clarify the teacher’s instructions, the lad asked, quote: ”Like space aliens or illegal aliens without green cards?”

All the heresy alarms went off. The lad was suspended from school for three days on a charge of ”racism.”

His parents seem to be getting lawyered up. I haven’t heard of any further developments, but I hope they sue and take the school district for a big pile of cash.

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