Whites Hang On In The NFL—Blacks Dominate The Commercials
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For those keeping score, that's one white quarterback, coached by a white coach, who paired up with a white receiver for the win, up against another white quarterback, also coached by a white coach.

The receiver, Cooper Kupp, actually led the league in catches, touchdowns and receiving yards. If he has a criminal record, I'm not aware of it.

Meanwhile, the abysmal halftime show featured fat, washed-up rappers performing on what appeared to be a recreation of a black L.A. neighborhood, complete with hoopties, men dancing in prison uniforms, and one dancer wrapped in gun holsters.

The one white rapper, Eminem, apparently knelt at some point.

Then there were the commercials. I didn't keep count, but almost every one seemed to feature an all-black cast or a part-black cast. One commercial bemoaned the racism of photography, which reveals black people to be...black.

The problem with trying to please everyone in a multiracial society is that you just can't. Put on country music for the halftime show, and blacks will complain it's too white. Put on rap for the halftime show, and whites will complain it's too black.

Combine appeals to black and white, and it looks forced. All the energy is sucked out by worrying about who’s being acknowledged and by how much.

Nobody wins this game.



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