Who Is Murdering Transgenders? (12 Blacks, 7 Hispanics, Zero Known Whites)
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There was a big increase in the number of transgender individuals murdered in 2020. Was this due to slowly growing conservative white male resistance to The Narrative about trans as today’s saints?

Alternatively, the Occam’s Razor explanation was that there was a big increase in the number of Americans, especially black Americans murdered by other black Americans, in 2020 due to the “racial reckoning” leading to depolicing and more street violence.

Somebody went through reports on the cases of 40 transgender murder victims of 2020 listed by the ultra-liberal Human Rights Campaign. There was ethnicity info for 19 attackers:

12 black attackers, 7 Hispanic attackers, zero known white perps.

A large fraction of transgender murder victims are streetwalkers, who live tumultuous lives.

For example, in the 1980s my future wife and her blonde friend A. rented an apartment in Chicago’s gay Boystown North Side neighborhood because it was next door to neighborhoods where guys like me rented, but it was affordable, and, best of all, safe: the streets were full of white men at all hours of the night, but they weren’t interested in them.

A landmark of their neighborhood was the 6’4″ black transvestite hooker wearing 4″ heels.

One early morning A., who is legally blind due to a lack of peripheral vision, had to leave for work downtown at 4:30 a.m. She was standing on her corner waiting for the bus, when her neighborhood’s gigantic trans prostitute violently shoved her and screamed, “Get off my corner, bitch! This is my corner!”

I was reminded of that when reading CWBChicago.com, which I imagine stands for Crime Watch Boystown Chicago. It’s one of the several high-quality Chicago websites, such as HeyJackass.com, devoted to reporting on crime in the Windy City.

It reported recently that a black trans hooker in Boystown had been severely injured in a car crash at 4:30 a.m. Probably not the same guy who assaulted my wife’s friend 38 years ago, life expectancies for black trans hookers being what they are, but, still, also the kind of guy who would get into an extremely drunk john’s car.

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