Who killed California? The Neocons: (2)
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Neoconservativism has of course been a shocking disaster for America as a whole, but not least California. A vivid demonstration of this is California, There It Went Jennifer Rubin Commentary October 2010. This lament for vanished California starts well enough:

More than 40 years later, I still remember the bright sun and the palm trees when we got off the plane. California in 1968 was a magical place, a magnet for those seeking new opportunities or to lose an old identity.

and lays out the subjective problems in 21st Century California adequately. But in 3,095 words of purported analysis immigration is never once mentioned! Neither is Proposition 187 and its fate, passed in 1994, depressingly half a generation ago (or a generation ago if you are belong to certain ethnic groups) but murdered by the California political Establishment. This was best chance of preventing the California catastrophe. VDARE.com is packed with documentation of the damage done to California by excessive immigration, for instance here and here. As I said in Who killed California? The Neocons

Prominent is marshalling stupid GOP leaders to oppose 187 was Irving Kristol’s son, Bill...
Historical causation is intricate. Of course, having a Democratic party owned by certain ethnic minorities deeply saturated in socialist prejudices was going to be a problem. It has been in many US states. But faced with the lethal threat of inundation by economically low quality Hispanics, Californians reacted wisely. They were robbed of the fruits of that wisdom by Neoconservatives, who proceeded to block reconsideration at the State or Federal level for almost a generation. The problem is still here – only massively worse. No wonder they don’t want to talk about it.

What kind of mind - or intellectual morality - discusses recent Californian history at such length and ignores immigration?

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