Who Were The Occupants Of The Lexus SUV That Killed 3 On Rock Creek Parkway On March 15? Police Aren't Saying
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On March 15, 2023, two guys were out drinking in Washington D.C. They did the right thing and called a Lyft driver in an Accord for a ride home.

A few minutes later, though, all three were dead, when a Lexus SUV with 44 outstanding tickets totaling $17,000 in unpaid fines fleeing a police stop crossed over onto their side of Rock Creek Parkway.

A woman in the Lexus was badly hurt, while the man was slightly injured.

This was a spectacular wreck in one of the hearts of the media industry and it elicited some appropriately indignant commentary, such as this article in Slate by Dan Kois.

More than a month later, though, I can’t find the name of the Lexus driver.

I can see his (or her) unpaid tickets, but not a name.

There are a lot of VIPs driving on the Rock Creek Parkway in D.C., so it’s natural to wonder…

A member of Congress? The Ukrainian Ambassador? A TV anchorman? A Washington Wizard? Pete Buttigieg?

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