Why Are the Cops So Mean To Blacks In San Francisco? Nobody Knows!
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From MissionLocal in San Francisco:

SFPD can’t explain its massive racial use-of-force disparities

NOVEMBER 2, 2023

The San Francisco Police Department is struggling to explain why its officers use force far more often on Black people than on white people. In a city where Black residents make up less than six percent of the population, they account for nearly half of the use-of-force incidents by police officers.

And blacks in San Francisco accounted for 49% of all homicide victimizations (81 out of 163 according to CDC stats for 2020-2022). Everybody else in San Francisco tends to be either trust fund or tech whites, Chinese, or Latino sojourners who sleep in bunk beds to make money working in restaurants and the like (and not street gang types).

On Wednesday, the San Francisco Police Commission held a hearing, during which the police department was meant to explain skyrocketing racial disparities in force used on civilians. In the last quarter of 2022, police used force on Black people 25 times as often as on white people.

White San Franciscans, like the Pelosis, are clearly just as violence-prone as black San Franciscans, like the Zebra Killers. It would be racist to be skeptical about their utter equality of behavioral tendencies.

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