Why Speed Cameras Are Racist
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Earlier: Racial Profiling“ And Bad Black Drivers: Blacks Speed Twice As Much As Whites And “Speed At Reckless Levels Even More“

If white liberal Americans were serious about police reform, they’d call for objective speed cameras to replace subjective and thus no doubt racist traffic stops. But, instead, they don’t, because they would prefer to explain to cops that, while they might have been driving a little too fast, hey, they aren’t the gangbangers you are looking for.

For example, liberal historian Rick Perlstein kvetches:

Hey @LoriLightfoot,, maybe it’s not crime that’s driving people (and corporations, who some say are people too…) out of Chicago as much as the daily nickle-and-diming speeding tickets that show up in the mail almost daily for going 41 mph in a 35 mph zone?

Apparently, the city of Chicago cut the grace zone from 10 mph over the speed limit to 5 mph without telling anybody to close the budget deficit.

Yeah, I could see that happening.

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