Wikipedia's Science Denialists: Richard Lynn Can Never Die
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In recent years, Wikipedia has been infiltrated by a coterie of fanatical science denialists who have managed to rule by fiat that any evidence for a connection between racial ancestry and intelligence is, by definition and without appeal, “pseudoscience” and anyone researching the subject or related subjects is a “pseudoscientist.” No outlets or individuals tainted by connection to this “pseudoscience” can be cited.

Hilariously, under the science denialists’ self-imposed rules, Wikipedia’s long entry denouncing that arch-demon Richard Lynn, the prolific intelligence researcher, has not yet noted that Lynn died a few weeks ago at age 93:

In the Talk section, one Wikipedia editor wonders:

11 days Richard Lynn and still not reported. Kinda grotesque

But the united science denialists crow in response that only Bad People have mentioned the death of the Bad Man, so therefore, according to the rules they imposed on Wikipedia, the fact that he’s no longer alive can’t be mentioned in Wikipedia.

But I’m still free to say it here: Richard Lynn, rest in peace.


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