Will New Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens Be Tolerated By Biden And Mayorkas?
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The Border Patrol has a new Border Patrol Chief, and I admit that I am deeply skeptical of him. After all, Mayorkas is not going to appoint someone who he thinks is going to give him any real pushback on the border. The new Chief, Jason Owens, was certified in both the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) and the Border Patrol’s Search, Trauma, and Rescue team (BORSTAR). That’s sort of like being a SWAT team member and a paramedic. (“I’ll shoot you, then dress your wound.”) Once, one of my hard-charging colleagues was asked how come he never put in for BORTAC. He responded that it was because all they measured was how well you could stand still suffering from sleep deprivation while someone screamed insults in your face and there was nothing you could do back to them. While not perfect, there is a certain truth to that.

BORTAC encourages its members to become supervisors and move up the chain of command so that BORTAC will never lose funding. We were all very proud of them when some of its members took out the Uvalde school shooter, and more recently, the BORTAC K9 helped capture fugitive murderer Danelo Cavalcante, a Brazilian illegal alien... (It looks like search dog Yoda took a bite out of crime.)

However, being in an elite unit like that teaches you how to obey orders, not necessarily how to defy a traitor who has dismantled a border. So I watched the following short video from ABC interviewing Owens, who had the nerve to say “This isn’t sustainable. This is up-and-down the system, everybody is overwhelmed. Even the government of Mexico, which have been great partners for us, the U.S. Border Patrol, a lot of times our facilities are already over capacity” [Video: Border Patrol Head Says Agency Cannot Protect U.S. Because They Are Forced To Process So Many Illegals—“In terms of flow and the threats that we’re seeing with Fentanyl and with the criminal organizations that are our adversary, it’s about as bad as I’ve ever seen it,” Summit News, September 25 , 2023].

Hmm, I wonder if Mayorkas will keep him on the job when he admits the border is wide open. However, I would also like to ask Owens what part isn’t sustainable because it has been like this for quite some time now and it shows no sign of stopping. I guess he cannot say the truth; that Mexico is helping the invasion along, because to do so would burn what few bridges we have with Mexico.

Later in the interview, the real half-truth is mentioned. The ABC News reporter prompts him by saying that despite what the Cartels tell the aliens, the border is not really open. Owens goes along with this saying, “They are still facing detention and removal.” Huh, are they?

One of the calculations that the Open Borders groups always made was that once a person was in the interior of the United States, then it becomes harder to deport them. Now that Mayorkas is in charge, deportations have plummeted. It’s logical for an illegal alien to believe they will never be deported once in, especially, if they have an anchor baby. As Stephen Miller pointed out in his interview on Megyn Kelly [What’s Behind Massive Rise in Illegal Migrants Under the Biden Administration, May 12, 2023], when an alien goes to immigration court, even if they are ordered deported, there are no Deportation Officers there to take them into custody.

It seems that Owens is not the truth teller, but neither is he Baghdad Mayorkas. He may last a bit longer.

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