Yet Another Mexican Meddling Plan
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The Dallas Morning News reports yet another Mexican meddling plan in its article Mexico To Bolster Immigrant Defense [by Alfredo Corchado and Dianne Solis, October 4, 2007].

Quoth the article:

"The Mexican government is giving its consulates in the U.S. wide latitude to ramp up a campaign to toughen their defense of immigrants and plans to give them more resources as well, officials familiar with the strategy said."

The article continues,

" The move comes as deportations reach an all-time high in the toughest crackdown in decades by the U.S. government and police authorities. Among the actions under discussion are the creation of an anti-defamation league similar to that focused on protecting Jews; budget increases for some of the 47 consulates, especially in regions such as North Texas, where Mexican migration has been swift and plentiful; and a media campaign aimed at counteracting groups opposed to illegal immigration and sometimes legal immigration."

What they're talking about is not the legitimate exercise of diplomatic functions, but meddling in U.S. internal affairs. Of course, our own government allows this to go on without any reprimand. The article quotes a "senior Mexican official" who spoke on condition of anonymity, and said that "Our fight is no longer inside the Beltway. We have been forced to change our strategy."

The article also reported a September 15th meeting in Mexico City:

" Nearly two dozen U.S.-based immigrant leaders, including North Texans, flew to Mexico City recently to meet with senior officials of the Foreign Ministry and the Interior Ministry to discuss the strategy. The Foreign Ministry and its Institute for Mexicans Abroad, or IME, is carrying out the government's plan. "

The IME is another Mexican vehicle designed for meddling in the U.S. and would be expelled by a prudent American government. Anyway, one of the meeting's Texas attendees stated the obvious:

" Mario Ram?­rez, a Dallas businessman and Mexican immigrant who attended the meeting, said he knows his loyalty to the U.S., as a naturalized citizen, will be questioned. "

Uh, Mario, didn't you take an oath of allegiance to the United States when you became a citizen? Mario's excuse is that

"as descendants of Mexicans and citizens of the United States, we feel it is our responsibility to create bridges of understanding because the anti-Mexican mood in the United States is causing us - and both countries - much harm . What do we have to lose anymore? We've been beaten up to the point that all we can do is fight back. ... Things will get worse before they get better."


So Mario, do you want to identify as a Mexican or an American?

" In Mexico, the meeting is being orchestrated from the top: Foreign Ministry officials called the meeting part of a strategy by President Felipe Calder??n to "reinforce consultations and communications with organizations dedicated to the defense of the rights of migrants." Quiet diplomacy has failed, said those at the Mexico City meeting. As evidence, they pointed to what they call the "venomous" immigration debate and the death of legislation this summer to overhaul U.S. immigration laws. "

The article also includes a quote from Mexican high-roller and former diplomat Andres Rozental:

"There is a sense that nothing will happen in the next two years in the U.S. Congress, so Mexican immigrants are determined to keep the issue alive and defend themselves with efforts like funding their own anti-defamation league. That in itself is quite an impressive statement."

Rozental, by the way, is a half-brother of Jorge Castaneda, former Mexican foreign minister and erstwhile Mexican meddler.

The article also revealed that Mexicans in Dallas, celebrating Mexican Independence Day on the night of September 15th, viewed a taped message from Mexican president Felipe Calderon, who

"... boldly expressed his disappointment over the "lack of political goodwill" that led to the failure of an immigration overhaul. "

So the Mexican president is using Mexican Independence Day to stir up resentment among Mexican illegal aliens in the U.S. On the bright side, the more that Mexico's leaders and diplomats openly meddle in U.S. immigration policy, the more ordinary Americans wake up to what is really going on. In other words, they may be over-extending themselves and shooting themselves in the foot.


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