You Know Who Has Really Been Marginalized In Anglo-Saxon Dominant Culture?
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The Jutes.

Sure, the Saxons lost out to the Angles in getting their name on the language and country. But that’s nothing compared to the marginalization of the Jutes.

We need to fight back against the erasure of the Jutes by getting Biden to declare a Jute History Month. Just tell him that kids these days are really into Jute Pride. Is he going to notice you are pulling his leg? To Joe, it will be just another wacky new thing about the 21st Century that you have to act like you care about if you are a Democratic politician, like how Jacob Blake’s dad informed him that a black guy had now invented the light bulb. He’ll put the Vice President in charge of Jute Awareness: not even Kamala could screw that up.

Paul McCartney could compose a catchy sing-along power ballad to be featured at Jute Pride Parades: “Hey Jute.”

iSteve commenter Dr. X points out:

We could even create a national holiday, “Juteteenth.”

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