ZeroHedge: Nike's Kaepernick Ad Has Cost The Company Over $4 Billion So Far
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While I follow ZeroHedge for the culture warrior stuff, they're also a financial web page. Today Tyler Durden combines the two:

Since announcing their new advertising campaign will be led by Colin Kaepernick, the social media backlash has dominated the virtue-signaling efforts we presume they hoped for.

With images of Nike apparel and footwear being burned and real sacrifice being discussed, it appears investors are growing disillusioned as NFL fans as Nike shares are down over 3% in the pre-market.

Also via ZeroHedge:

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In the past, I've talked about the

 old joke about a large multinational dog food company that comes out with a new dog food, approved by nutritionists, the sales and marketing staff, the CEO and the board, but which totally fails to sell. The simple explanation, from a lowly employee: "The dogs don't like it!"

In this case, we see white football fans rejecting anti-white propaganda. (The cause for which Kaepernick was sacrificing was the right of black thugs to make lethal attacks on white police officers without being injured or killed.)

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