VDARE Radio —Faith Goldy Hit Piece Edition
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Welcome to Radio VDARE and I’m your host Virginia Dare. The most powerful political actor in the West is the Main Stream Media. The so-called “free press” likes to pretend it speaks truth to power, but it speaks power to truth. If you defy the Establishment consensus, the MSM will attack you like a swam of bees. The late Joe Sobran used to call it “The Hive” because of how coordinated and monolithic it seemed. The job of the journalist, in short, is to enforce conformity.

For people who are trying to break into journalism, or who want to get a pat on the head from reporters, there’s one particularly immoral tactic that we see more and more often. That is selling out people you know, or people you used to know, to journalists for a hit piece. There is nothing lower. Even Joseph Stalin reportedly referred to a boy who sold out his father to Communist commissars as a “swine”; the term applies today to those who feed friends, family, and co-workers to the media smear machine [Nation of Little Swine, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, August 21, 2018].

One such person is Anna Silman. She decided to pen a lazily-written smear of Faith Goldy entitled We thought we knew Faith, until we didn’t,and called her a “white nationalist poster girl.” [The Cut, November 9, 2018]. There are the attacks on her appearance that would be called offensive if directed against liberal women and the shrill denunciation of her “hate-based fame.”

There’s one reaction that I found especially interesting. Silman quotes one unnamed person, supposedly a former classmate, that said when he or she found out, “I felt dizzy, like the world was spinning, sick to my stomach.” Imagine having a physical reaction because someone you used to do has different political beliefs. When egalitarianism becomes your religion and your source of meaning, anyone who breaks away from it becomes a threat to your very psychological health.

I’m reminded of a quote from St. Anthony the Great, who said, “A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him saying, “You are mad, you are not like us.” The unspoken premise in all these sorts of articles is that the system somehow failed, that if only the indoctrination had been conducted the right way or if the brainwashing had been sufficiently intense, no one could have broken away. So such articles are an attempt to “explain” someone else, to “fix” them.

“People who become extremists generally have a fragile sense of identity,” sneers the author. “The way Faith threw herself into Catholicism when her mom got sick may have indicated a hunger for new ideologies.” Something tells me this is projection.

Consider how extreme the so-called Main Stream Media is during the Trump years. Consider how even according to the Main Stream Media itself, people are falling into depression or having psychological issues because of the political beliefs of others. Every day is some new hysteria, every month we have some new moral panic to hyperventilate about. Just check your Facebook feed or Twitter to see people having absolute mental breakdowns because President Trump said something or some quote, “far-right” person won another election.

Contrast that to how we patriots soldier on under overwhelming Main Stream Media attacks day after day after day. These people couldn’t handle what we put up with for an hour. It’s closer to the mark to say that many people today don’t have a real identity aside from whatever programming the media gives them. The “NPC” meme, joking that many people are like “Non-Playable Characters” from video games, contains a bit of truth. A person with a real identity has an irreducible core that can’t simply be programmed out of them by media attention. People with a more fragile sense of identity are those whose loves and hates are dependent on clickbait articles written by people they don’t even know.

Thus, when Silman confronts Goldy she “asked how she felt about all the people who had once loved her and were now sickened by the things she said.” I’d suggest that if they honestly felt “sickened,” this reflects a psychological issue, a fear of being perceived of out of step with the media narrative. They are the ones with issues about identity. Something as deep as “love” shouldn’t be dependent on journalists’ opinions.

Faith Goldy did nothing wrong. And even if you disagree, you have to acknowledge that unlike her critics, she’s a real person with integrity. That’s why they want to shut her up.

I’m Virginia Dare and we’ll talk again soon.

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