Afghan Refugee Commits Triple Homicide | VDARE Video Bulletin
August 31, 2022, 06:01 PM
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A story out of Massachusetts reminds us that when we import the third world, we import their bad behaviors as well:

A Muslim woman in Massachusetts named Khosay Sharifi (a refugee from Kabul, Afghanistan) committed a triple murder of three male Muslim family members, because, according to her, they were abusing her sister, and threatening her with forced marriage.

Sharifi made a lengthy Facebook post after the shooting in which she describes several instances of abuse within her family.

Investigators have confirmed that the refugee first shot her father and brother-in-law inside their home before proceeding to kill her brother-in-law’s father, and then herself.

James Fulford writes for

Multiple sources (The Guardian, The Mirror, and, and her Facebook page) describe her as an Afghan refugee, born in Kabul, which makes this an “Immigrant Mass Murder”.

Of course, this murder never had to happen in America, if America didn't allow immigration from Afghanistan.

Read more on this story by James Fulford here.

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