"California Man" Who Beheaded Girlfriend ACTUALLY An Illegal Immigrant | VDARE Video Bulletin
September 15, 2022, 08:59 AM
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Meet Jose Landaeta Solano—a Venezuelan citizen who came to the United States a decade ago as a tourist and never returned home. 

On September 8th, the illegal alien would remind us all why border security should be a top priority if we at all believe that having a high-trust society safe from violent psychopaths is something to strive for in the United States.

Solano is now in custody and facing murder charges after allegedly decapitating his girlfriend with a sword in view of her children.

And as A.W. Morgan points out on VDARE.com: only one newspaper put Solano’s immigration status, or lack thereof, in the lead of the story. That paper would be the Santa Monica Observer.

The New York Post called the Venezuelan killer a “California man”, so did the Washington Times, and a local Fox affiliate station simply called the attack a “Bay Area Beheading”

At least they get points for creative alliteration in their headlines.

A.W. Morgan writes for VDARE.com:

The leftist Main Stream Media might miss an immigration angle, purposely or not, but dissident websites and publications such as VDARE don’t and won’t.

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