McDonalds CEO Calls Out Crime in "365 Black" Chicago | VDARE Video Bulletin
September 21, 2022, 01:19 PM
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Even from his multi-million dollar penthouse located at the top of Trump Tower in Chicago, IL, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski can see the overwhelming rise in crime plaguing the Second City.

This announcement comes nearly two decades after the company launched its 365Black campaign in 2003, a campaign centered around celebrating Black people and their achievements every day of the year. But it appears that record breaking violent crime is one achievement the company can no longer ignore.

Although crime in Chicago is technically down over 2021, there has been a shocking change in its presentation. As Black and Hispanic gangs would historically keep their killing sprees segregated to the South and West side neighborhoods, today, those gangs ritualistically invade the loop and north-side neighborhoods, preying upon tourists and residents, in what appears to be a declaration of war upon civilized society—or to put it bluntly, white people.

If wealthy executives retreat from Chicago, it will surely be lost. And although Kempczinski may be doubling-down against the social decay encroaching upon his restaurants, will he have the determination to end silly campaigns such as 365Black, which only enable the very communities that put his paying customers in harms way.

Paul Kersey writes for

If McDonald’s promoted the idea of 365White, would the CEO of the company also be complaining about the violent crime in Chicago…?

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