Minnesota Woman + 47 Somalis Steal $250M In COVID Relief | VDARE Video Bulletin
September 22, 2022, 04:46 PM
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Meet Aimee Bock, the leader of a supposed charity organization called “Feeding Our Future”.

Bock allegedly collaborated with Minnesota’s ever-growing Somali community to steal 240 million dollars of pandemic relief money set aside for nourishing children. The fraud was pulled off by making up the names of vast numbers of children to whom their purported charities supposedly fed 125 million meals.

The Justice Department announced that 48 individuals, including Bock, are now facing charges in the scandal. A quick glance at the list of defendants reveals that Bock may have been the only true Minnesotan involved.

A quote from the DOJ press release reads:

The defendants used the proceeds of their fraudulent scheme to purchase luxury vehicles, residential and commercial real estate in Minnesota as well as property in Ohio and Kentucky, real estate in Kenya and Turkey, and to fund international travel.

Steve Sailer writes for VDARE.com

You know, in this century it often seems like fraud rings tend to be heavy on the Diverse.

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