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Here is a roundup of our coverage over the years of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Steve Sailer, last month: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fandom Represents White Privilege To sum up [white female NYT writer] Amanda Hess’s logic, the problem with celebrating Ruth Bader Ginsburg is because it takes time away from celebrating George Floyd or Breonna Taylor, who are not white. Steve Sailer, earlier: Ruth Bader ...
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Previously by Paul Kersey: In a Just World, the Murderer of Amanda Blackburn Would be Publicly Hanged by the State Amanda Blackburn. Nathan Trapuzzano. Both victims of brutal black on violence in Indianapolis. Names you’ve never heard, drowned out in the cacophony of “Justice for George Floyd,” and “Black Lives Matter.” Her name is Wilma Hochstetler. Yet another white woman murdered by blacks in In...
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It would seem like the least we could do for the feminists after ignoring them all summer is to extend reverential capitalization to Women as well as Blacks (but not, of course, to men or whites). [Comment at]...
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From The New Yorker: Black Scholars Confront White Supremacy in Classical Music The field must acknowledge a history of systemic racism while also giving new weight to Black composers, musicians, and listeners. By Alex Ross September 14, 2020 … What Ewell calls “the white racial frame”—he takes the term from the sociologist Joe Feagin—has the special power of being invisible. Thurman, in her pape...
Post By Steve Sailer on 09/19/2020
Above, Justice Ginsburg on a 1984 trip to India with fellow Justice and personal friend Antonin Scalia Earlier: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fandom Represents White Privilege The late Justice was basically an old-fashioned liberal who believed in meritocracy (she hired only one black clerk in four decades on the bench), patriotism, opera, and the eugenic advantages of abortion. From the NYT criticism secti...
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Earlier: How to Cut Down on Black-On-Black Shootings: Enforce Ban on Funerals/Memorials for Black Murder Victims Here are a couple of funeral shootings with a few hours drive of me. From the Fox 11 News in Los Angeles: Mother pleads for answers after son is killed leaving South LA funeralBy Koco McAboy Published 1 day ago South Los Angeles FOX 11 LOS ANGELES – A mother is pleading for answers afte...
Post By Steve Sailer on 09/18/2020
One of the impressive things about the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was her lack of Wokeness by 2020 standards. For example, she refused to saddle herself with an affirmative action law clerk. As a Supreme Court justice from 1993-2020, she had 119 clerks. In 2018, the Washington Post reported that only one had been black. Before her elevation to the Supreme Court, she had no black law clerks d...
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First there was Jessica Krug, then CV “They” Vitolo-Haddad, and today there is Satchuel “They” Cole. These white women activists just don’t get that while transgenderism is practically the coolest, most sacred identity imaginable in 2020, transracialism is Worse Than Hitler. From the Indianapolis Star: Satchuel Cole, leader in the fight for racial equality in Indianapolis, lied about own race Tim...
Radio derb By John Derbyshire on 09/18/2020
01m09s  A peek into woke capitalism.  (Bend the knee and bow the head.) 10m44s  Defund the military! (Continued, with a Gedankenexperiment.) 16m49s  Newt steps on third rail.  (Long pauses at Fox News.) 22m39s  Solipsism Lit.  (Winning a prize for fiction.) 33m48s  J.K. Rowling gives offense.  (Too much imagination.) 36m25s  Canceling Darwin.  (His defenders have plenty of practice.) 38m48s  Where...
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I don’t know as much about the ins-and-outs of the Constitution as the late Justice Ginsburg did, but I could swear the Constitution does not grant Supreme Court Justices their own Dying Wish … I guess lockdown is over for the duration of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg funeral orgies. It will be interesting to see how extravagant, prolonged, and shameless they will be: John McCain-level?John Lewis-level?...


By John Derbyshire on 09/18/2020

[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through]

Here’s a peek into Woke Capitalism. I shall tread carefully in this segment. I am working from inside information, and I don't want anyone to lose his job for being associated with an outlet as hatefully hateful as

The particular corner of capitalism featured in this story is the fine old financial-services firm of Goldman Sachs. You may recall Goldman Sachs signaling their virtue to the world back in in January when they announced that they'd only do business with firms that had at least one diverse board member, which I think means not a straight white male.

Well, a friend of mine is employed at Goldman Sachs, and he's been passing stuff on to me: stuff like this, which I reproduce with my friend's permission, some names redacted

It's a memo that was prominently featured on the main page of the internal Goldman Sachs web site August 27th, for the edification of all employees. The title of the memo is: Why Language Can Be One of Our Biggest Allies at Goldman Sachs. The main text is over seven hundred words, too long for me to read out in its entirety, so I'll just cherry-pick a few representative quotes, with links added.

By Lance Welton on 09/17/2020

The time is long gone when CNN Talking Head Dr. Sanjay Gupta could flatly assert that Covid-19  “doesn’t discriminate based on race.” It does, albeit for reasons that are not fully understood. Now a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association has presented evidence that a previously overlooked factor may be relevant: race differences in a gene which impacts how easily you can stop Covid-19 entering your body. 

There are clear race differences in the prevalence and deadliness of Covid-19 and, as I have previously reported, these differences persist even if you control for the socioeconomic factors that the Left insist are responsible for the disparities. For example, South Asian doctors in Britain’s NHS are much more likely to succumb than white doctors.  One factor for which a strong case has been advanced: the ability to synthesise UV Light into Vitamin D. Non-whites, in Western countries suffer from Vitamin D deficiency because their dark skin renders them less able to absorb UV Light and so synthesise it into Vitamin D. Europeans’ white skin probably evolved in winter darkness for this very reason.

The new study—“Racial/Ethnic Variation in Nasal Gene Expression of Transmembrane Serine Protease 2 (TMPRSS2)”—was published in the prestigious journal on September 10th and was carried out by three researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York [Supinda Bunyavanich; Chantal Grant, MD; and Alfin Vicencio]. It sets out to make sense of why African-Americans suffer a death rate from Covid-19 that is around three times their proportion of the U.S. population.

By Patrick J. Buchanan on 09/17/2020
Earlier by Patrick J. Buchanan: Are the Forever Wars Really Ending?  Having presided over the recognition of Israel by the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, President Donald Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize amid talk of peace breaking out across the region. Assuredly, this is a major diplomatic breakthrough, and Nancy's Pelosi's sour-grapes dismissal of the deal as a "distraction" t...
By Allan Wall on 09/16/2020

Earlier by Allan Wall: MEMO FROM MIDDLE AMERICA: Calling Congressman Frank Lucas (R-OK)—The Left Hates WHITES, Not Just Confederates. AOC Says So!

My family and I spent half of July travelling through the Old Confederacy from North Carolina in the east to Texas in the west. What a great joy it was to see fascinating historic sites—yet how sad I was to know they’re under attack from those who hate our country and want to destroy the heritage of the Historic American Nation.

A simple fact: The mobs tearing down statues don’t really care about the Confederacy. They hate our heritage. They hate America. Otherwise, they wouldn’t attack statues of Christopher Columbus and Theodore Roosevelt as well.

For the record, although I’m an Oklahoma native, my kinsman, James Dunlavy (right), received the Medal of Honor in 1864 for capturing Confederate general John Sappington Marmaduke. And though I’m no neo-Confederate, I recently discovered that another line of my family were Southerners who supported Confederacy. Like many Americans, I have family on both sides.

What we saw on our journey through the Confederacy:


Traveling through southern Tennessee, we stopped at three courthouses, each of which had at least one Confederate monument. Thanks to the Tennessee Heritage Protection Act Confederate monuments have been safe in the Volunteer State.

These county monuments honored the young men, many only teenagers, who fought and died for the South.

  • An obelisk on the courthouse lawn of the Hardeman County Courthouse, in Bolivar, dating from 1873, was dedicated “To the Confederate Dead of Hardeman County, Tennessee,” “To the memory of Her Sons,” and “In Hope of a Joyful Resurrection.”
  • The courthouse in Fayetteville, Lincoln County (which is named for Revolutionary War General Benjamin Lincoln) features two monuments. Standing guard since 1906 is a Confederate private, made in Carrara, Italy and donated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy. It was erected “In loving memory of the 3000 Confederate soldiers of Lincoln County.” UDC donated another statue in 1904 that honors “the Women of the Confederacy, who kept intact the homes of the South, while the men of the South were fighting her battles.”

  • The Confederate monument at the Hardin County courthouse in Savannah, Tennessee, was set up in 1995 by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. This one is dedicated to the “honor of the valiant Confederate soldiers of Hardin County who fought, died and suffered during the War Between the States,” and bears this thought-provoking quote:
Poor is a nation that has no heroes. Shameful is a nation that has heroes and forgets them. No nation can long survive without pride in its traditions.

Long may Tennessee counties continue to protect their monuments.

By Ann Coulter on 09/16/2020


1) Extend Daylight Savings Time.

COVID, the shutdown, riots, looting, wildfires—we’re depressed enough. Do one small favor for the nation in 2020 by giving us another hour of sunlight. The next president can punish us again. (But why would we ever want to lose an hour of daylight in the afternoon? Why? Why? Why?)

During World War II, the long-suffering Britons left their clocks one hour ahead at the end of summer, then added an extra hour ahead when spring came along again. You’ve compared the Wuhan flu to war. Steal this great wartime idea from Britain!

2) Try To Go Seven Weeks Without Being a Fanboy to the Liberal Media.

Ordinary, middle-class people would never have made the mistake of talking to Bob Woodward. Only a massively insecure social climber would say: “OMG! OMG! It’s Bob Woodward!!!”

Honey, guess who I’m talking to? A little reporter by the name of … BOB WOODWARD!

Woodward’s job is to get people to tell him what they don’t want to tell him. It sounds like he didn’t even have to break a sweat with you.

TRUMP: How about this letter from Kim Jong Un? Pretty cool, huh? You see the way he says “your excellency.” You know who he’s talking about, right? That’s me! Oh and by the way, I printed up a laminated copy for you.

WOODWARD: Really? I can keep this? I’m allowed to take it with me? Thank you, kind sir, thank you!

Working-class people are busting their butts to keep you in office, while you go off and blather a lot of nonsense to Woodward to feed your ego months before the election.

3) Round Up Antifa Criminals, Jail and Prosecute Them.